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The Right Cleaning Service For Your Business

Having a clean environment not only makes you feel good, but also makes for a more productive workspace. Also, a tidy work area that is seen by clients and customers is important in the way you present yourself. This gives off the impression that you take pride and care about your business. By having a clean environment, clients are more inclined to put their trust in someone who “has their act together.” Therefore, it is highly important to consider the right commercial cleaning service to take care of all your needs.

In any commercial building, the floors see constant traffic whether it is from workers or clients. Think about all the dirt dragged in and scratches your floors take each day. No matter how durable your floors are, they are bound to take a toll. You want your clients to be impressed when they first walk through your establishment.

Some things you want to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service:

1. Make sure the company is insured, protecting them from any damages. By hiring a fully insured commercial cleaning company it protects both parties when it comes to any accidents or damages.

2. Trusting a company in your environment could leave you anxious. Having confidential paperwork or information around the office could be risky if you do not trust the cleaning service with your belongings, or other people’s information for that matter. For peace of mind you could go the extra mile and see if the cleaning service you wish to hire conducts background checks on employees, relieving you from any stress when you’re not in the office.

3. Make sure the cleaning service company has references. This is the best way you can get a feel for the company allowing for first hand reviews from former and current customers.

Whether they are insured, if background checks are done on employees, and if references are supplied is a good indicator and start when hiring a commercial cleaning service company. Feeling comfortable with these responses and trusting them in your workplace not only provides you with a clean workplace, but puts on a good image for clients who are visiting. This is just one step in the right direction to having a successful business.

Some Tips On How To Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

If your cat, dog, or any animal you have pees on your carpets, removing the urine stain must be done immediately because not only will it stink, but it will most certainly leave a stain! Cat urine is the worst—its smell is very potent, and if you neglect to clean it up, the smell will linger for a while!

Removing a pet stain in your carpet works the best if you clean it up immediately! This way there will be less time for the urine to sink into the carpet causing permanent stains or damage to your carpet.

Immediately after noticing the stain and urine you should attempt to remove as much liquid and solids as possible with paper towels.  Also, try not to spread the stain; you should work carefully from the edge to the center.  You should take note that it is vital to not use any cleaner that has ammonia in it because most animals have a very strong sense of smell.  Why is this important?  Your pets may smell the ammonia (it smells like urine) and this could cause it to pee in the same vicinity all over again!

If you have a stain that has been soaking in your carpet for a few hours, these ones can be, and often are, incredibly hard to clean.  However, white vinegar can be used to clean stains that have been lingering  Also, carpets that have stain resistant finishes will give you more time to blot up the stain before it completely soaks into the carpet.  However, don’t “over-wet” your carpet with water when you clean, use club soda (if you have it) for cleaning up the mess as quickly as possible (if it has been sitting.)