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3 Areas You May Want To Consider Cleaning

On a daily basis your home sees a constant flow of traffic, whether it is from your family, pets, or simply objects accumulating dust. When it comes to cleaning most people clean the obvious: floors, countertops, dusty TV’s, and bathrooms. What homeowners forget about is the little objects we use the most, but never think to clean.

First, there are light switches, which are used constantly, all day, and each time you walk into a room. Not many people think to clean light switches, because we are always cleaning a surface or object, not a fixture that is flush against the wall. Light switches don’t ever look dirty or dusty but think of all the times your hands were not clean and you’ve flipped that switch. Bacteria builds up on the switch plates from numerous people carrying all types of germs, which can easily make you ill. Another item similar to this is the remote control, which is also overlooked when cleaning. So, a great way to keep these objects clean and you healthy is to disinfect them every few weeks. You can simply spray disinfectant on the light switches or wipe it down with an anti-bacterial cloth.

Wondering where those foul odors are coming from? If it’s not the trash then what is it? Kitchen drains can build up past meals, grease, and oils. They have a tendency to capture the smell of old food particles and more, long after you are done cleaning. This is what causes unpleasant aromas to linger in your clean kitchen. Lucky for you getting rid of foul drain odors is easy to take care of. For those who have a garbage disposal, putting leftover foods down the drain is a great way to cut down on trash, but this also results in your drain smelling like your garbage. The solution for this is to cut up a lemon and drop it down the drain. Turn the disposal on and grind up those lemons for that fresh citrusy smell. However, for those who do not have a garbage disposal you are still in luck. Pouring hot water mixed with baking soda can fix the foul kitchen drain odors as well.

Another object people forget to clean are keyboards. The build up of bacteria can tend to have as much as the average toilet seat. The reason why this average occurs is because toilet seats are frequently cleaned, whereas keyboards can go years without a simple anti-bacterial swipe. So, highly consider cleaning your keyboard every once in a while. If you want to go to extremes consider using an air canister or vacuum to get rid of all the dusts and crumbs that may have fell in-between the keys.

Don’t just clean the obvious surfaces and objects anymore. Clean these forgotten items with these quick tips to help make your home a healthier and safer place to live!