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Am I the only one who noticed that lately everyone seems to be having babies?!?! Talk about a baby boom! Being a parent is certainly a full time hands on and even sometimes challenging job. We here at Minch Professional Cleaning Service want to find ways to help make things easier on everyone. Here are a few things we recommend to help keep the germs away from your baby.

Toxic Chemicals: Always remember that the toxic effects of chemicals hit a baby or young child harder than they do adults because they are so small. Keeping a baby safe from the effects of toxic cleaners yet their room clean requires a bit of diligence and know how.

Disinfect: Babies put things in their mouths. Please make certain your baby’s pacifiers, sippy cups, teething rings etc are not made in China as many of these products contain lead. Never disinfect baby items with bleach or standard disinfectants. Disinfectants other than food grade distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are laden with toxic chemicals that cause far more serious ailments than the germs they supposedly kill.

Make sure your vinegar is food grade otherwise it is made from petroleum. Vinegar has been proven to kill more germs than bleach. To sanitize your baby’s pacifiers, teething rings and sippy cup lids, soak them in a 50/50 solution of water to vinegar. Then wipe them down with hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water. Don’t even think of outsmarting my system and mix the vinegar and peroxide together. The two mixed together neutralize the germ killing ability of the other.

Disinfect: Vinegar and peroxide are the best way to clean and disinfect baby’s room and things like diaper pails. Wipe down surfaces with the vinegar solution followed by the peroxide. Always date your peroxide when you purchase it. Any peroxide more than six months old has deteriorated past its prime. Use old peroxide to remove spit up off baby’s clothes or instead of bleach in your washer.

Essential Oil: When cleaning baby’s room with the vinegar solution add a drop of Pine or Rosemary essential oil. They are excellent cleaners as well as deodorizers, disinfectants and antiseptics. When you purchase essential oils buy only organic, Therapeutic, cold-pressed oils. Make certain they don’t contain filler oils and store the remaining bottle in the refrigerator in a closed container.

When washing baby’s cloths and blankets, do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets as the chemicals soak into their skin and cause irritations. Instead pour 2/3 of a cup of food grade distilled white vinegar into the cup dispenser for fabric softener. It’s cheaper, works better and won’t soak into the skin where it can build up and cause health issues later in life.

Of course we recommend our maintenance cleans to help keep your entire house clean. We offer services where all green products are used for your child’s safety. Have a great week!