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A Special Gift for your Special Someone…..

It is hard to believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.   Wondering what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?   How about the gift of a perfectly clean home!   Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want that.   Think about it this way, the less time spent cleaning means more time spent together.   I am pretty sure your sweetheart would love that!   Here is the best part, not sure what type of clean to get your sweetie?   Lucky for you we have giftcards available that can be used as payment towards any of our services.    They are available in $10, $25 and $50 increments.    One of the biggest complaints we adults have anymore is that there never seems to be enough time in our days.   Look no further cause we can help with that!  Feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about all these decisions, no worries.  Just give us a call at our office and we can help you figure out what works best for everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all us to you!!

10 Healthy and Lucky Foods for the New Year

Did you know that certain foods are consumed on New Years Day in order to bring good luck in the new year? Each culture has their own unique take on this tradition so we have compiled a list to inspire your own luck in 2014. Bon Appetit!

12 Grapes

The Spanish and Portuguese eat twelve grapes at the stroke of  midnight to symbolize the twelve months of the new year. Each grape represents a particular month. Sour grape = troubled month, sweet grape = lucky month. If you finish all twelve grapes in the first minute you will have extra luck and prosperity so eat fast!


Pomegranates are considered lucky in Turkey and Greece for several reasons. Their red color represents the heart, life and fertility. In addition, their medicinal properties represent health and their abundant, round seeds represent prosperity.

Round Fruits

Eat 12 of these sweet, coin shaped treats for a charmed New Year. Red apples, watermelon and grapes are lucky, delicious  favorites.

Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens.

Down South, black-eyed peas and collard greens are considered lucky due to their resemblance to coins and paper money and are thought to attract good fortune and prosperity (and they are good for you too!)


Another lucky southern treat due to it’s color resembling that of gold. To ensure extra luck, add extra corn kernels to represent  golden nuggets. You can never have too much gold! 

Whole Fish

Fish are considered extremely lucky. Their scales resemble coins and they swim forward in schools, representing prosperity. The fish needs to be served with the head and tail intact to ensure a good year, from start to finish so no cheating!

Pickled herring

The folks in Germany, Poland and Scandinavia, believe that eating herring at the stroke of midnight will ensure a year of bounty due to their abundance throughout Western Europe. In addition their silvery color resembles the look of coins, a good omen for fortune in the upcoming year.


In Italy, lentils are considered lucky because they grow in size when cooked, representing growing wealth.

Long Noodles

The Japanese believe that long buckwheat noodles symbolize long life IF consumed whole so no chewing! Add these noodles to a stir fry for a tasty start to the new year!


Finally, if you eat anything on New Years, be sure to include some pork. Considered the luckiest of all New Years foods a pigs portly stature represents prosperity and their tendency to “root forward” with their noses symbolizes progress. Ham, sausage, bacon or whatever you might fancy that night, eat up and have a prosperous New Year!

From our family to yours, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC want to wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous 2014!