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A Story About Dusty: Dusty Meets the Easter Bunny

Since Dusty had met Fluffy the girl dust bunny, the two were inseparable. The dust bunny duo did everything together from that moment. After a two-week courtship, Dusty and Fluffy tied the knot under the couch, in a beautiful gray and black ceremony.

Easter was right around the corner, and Dusty told Fluffy every year that he secretly searched for huge colorful Easter boulders alongside his house family. “But won’t they get rid of us, if they see us?” Fluffy asked Dusty. “Don’t worry Fluffy, just follow me.”

This spring, Minch Professional Cleaning Services wants to make way for the real Easter Bunny and get rid of those pesky dust bunnies for you! Our house cleaning services in Buckingham, PA, and its surrounding communities, are second to none. Our dream team of cleaning professionals wants your family to have an enjoyable Easter family get together and knows cleaning is the last thing you want to worry about. Rest assured, while the kids are on their Easter egg hunt, the furniture be cleaned, the floors mopped, and dust cleared. There are no jobs too big or too small for the cleaning staff at Minch.

As Dusty and Fluffy floated around, waiting to begin their Easter egg hunt, Fluffy seemed sad. “What’s wrong,” Dusty asked. “…Oh, nothing…” Fluffy replied. “This is going to be so much fun! Just you wait and see,” said Dusty.  The first Easter boulder had been dropped, and Dusty grabbed Fluffy’s hand to race towards it. Little did they know, a big surprise was hovering over them. Dusty tripped, looked down, and bumped into a huge furry creature. When he looked up, it was the Easter bunny himself, in all his glory.

Dusty and Fluffy shrieked with excitement. They have always heard stories about this “Easter Bunny, ” but he wasn’t quite what they pictured. This bunny did not resemble themselves, so they were confused. Too afraid of the creature, the couple dove back into their house corner, carefully watching the Easter bunny continue to drop egg boulders around the house.

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