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Age-Appropriate Chores: Teaching Your Kids to Lend a Helping Hand

At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, we know firsthand that getting kids to clean up after themselves can feel like pulling teeth. Kids may still be learning about how the world works, but even toddlers can pitch in and tidy up after playtime. However, assigning your child a chore that’s inappropriate or too difficult for their age level can result in frustration and tears. Find your child’s age below for ideas on age-appropriate chores that will help keep your home cleaner and teach your little one valuable life skills! Continue reading

5 Quick Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

Is your closet overflowing? Do you find yourself constantly running out of hangers, yet simultaneously feeling like you never have anything to wear? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, it’s time for a closet cleanout. Take these five quick tips from our professional cleaning company near Doylestown, PA, and enjoy a more organized closet before fall. Continue reading