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The Most Hated Chores in America

Everyone has that one chore that they always put off — but do your least favorite tasks line up with the rest of the United States? According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, Americans have some pretty strong opinions on their household chores. Here are the top five tasks that Americans are most likely to hire a cleaning company to handle…or ignore for as long as they can!

Scrubbing the toilet. If you can’t stand using a toilet brush, you’re not alone. A whopping 52 percent of Americans surveyed said that they hate cleaning their toilets the most out of every household task. Luckily, this distaste doesn’t stop most people from doing the cleaning they need; 88 percent of survey respondents said that their bathroom was the room they spent the most time cleaning.
Cleaning out the kitchen. Does the thought of scrubbing your greasy oven or microwave fill you with dread? With 23 percent of the vote, cleaning the kitchen is the second most-hated household chore in America.
Dusting in all forms. Achoo! Our professional cleaning company that serves Doylestown, PA, might know that dusting is necessary to keep spring allergies at bay but that doesn’t stop homeowners from dragging their feet when it’s time to pull out the feather duster. 21 percent of Americans said they dislike dusting the most.
Mopping the floors. Many Americans also reported that they hate mopping their floors. However, like cleaning the toilet, mopping isn’t a task that people tend to put off; 80 percent of survey respondents said that they regularly mopped as part of their chore routines.
Loading the laundry machine. Washing and drying and folding, oh my! 17 percent of Americans can’t stand doing their own laundry.

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How to Handle 3 of the Most Annoying Home Cleaning Tasks

As a professional cleaning service near Doylestown, PA, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC knows firsthand that some household chores are definitely more difficult to handle than others. Therefore, use these three pro-approved cleaning methods to tackle three of your most annoying cleanings tasks!

Your dirty microwave. Is last week’s spaghetti still hanging around in your microwave? Squeeze some lemon or lime juice into a bowl of water and microwave the bowl until you can see steam rising off the bowl. Wait about five minutes to let everything cool down, open up your microwave, remove the bowl, and use a damp sponge to wipe out the gunk.
The inside of your oven. Is the interior of your oven covered with a thick layer of mysterious black grime? Before you run the auto-clean setting (which can create smoke and set off a fire alarm, especially when the oven is older) or dump some harsh chemicals into the system, try our more natural method for a better clean with less damage. Remove all of your oven racks and, in a separate bowl, mix half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water to form a paste. Spread the paste on the inside of the oven and let the mixture sit overnight. The next morning, wipe down the interior of the oven and watch the dirt melt away!
A white carpet with stains. From a spilled glass of juice to a pet doing his or her “business” behind the sofa, there are plenty of reasons why white carpet can become less than pristine. To fix stains, mix a quart of water with a few tablespoons of stain-fighting laundry detergent in a spray bottle. Spritz the stain, allow the mixture to soak in for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat the process a few times until your carpet is clean again.

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