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4 Common Allergies Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

As a business owner, you want to provide your employees with the most comfortable space possible. If one of your employees has allergies, you’ll need to take a few steps to ensure a safe and healthy workspace. Read on to learn about four common allergies you might see in your office.

Tree nuts. Tree nut allergies are one of the most common allergies in America, with an estimated one percent of the population having some kind of nut intolerance. If you know that one of your employees is allergic to nuts, make sure that office treats and catering always have a no-nut option.
Pollen. A common issue in the summer and spring, pollen allergies can present health issues well into the fall season. Employees who are allergic to pollen may have difficulty breathing or even seeing if there’s a lot of pollen floating in the air. Hiring a commercial cleaning service in Doylestown, PA, to regularly clean out your space can help an employee with a pollen allergy manage their condition more effectively.
Fragrance. Perfume and fragrance intolerances are very common. About 30 percent of people have some kind of sensitivity to certain ingredients in perfume. Employees with serious perfume intolerances may experience swelling, headaches, and difficulty breathing if they come into contact with too strong of a scent. Banning harsh perfumes and asking employees to use only a small amount of perfume or cologne can help the issue.
Dust mites. Dust mites are small, hardy bugs that hide and lay eggs in bedding, furniture, and clothing. Like pollen allergies, dust mite allergies can be controlled with regular visits from a professional cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning companies in PA like Minch can help your employees feel more comfortable at work. To learn more about the importance of commercial cleaning or to schedule your appointment, give our team a call today.

5 Affordable Birthday Gift Ideas for Employees

Employee birthday gifts don’t have to cost a ton of money! There are plenty of small, thoughtful gifts that you can give to your employees that say you’re thankful for all the hard work they do. Consider these five great choices the next time you have an office birthday coming up!

A laptop messenger bag. Do you encourage your employees to bring their laptop to work? If so, a laptop messenger bag is the perfect gift! Choose a model that’s durable and has plenty of room for office supplies and other necessities.
A personalized coffee mug. Commercial cleaning companies in PA know firsthand that most employees don’t have time to meticulously organize their communal dishware. A personalized coffee mug with an employee’s name or in his or her favorite color is a cheap and useful gift!
A new desk plant. Small desk plants are inexpensive, easy to take care of, and fun to watch grow. Plants have also been proven to decrease humidity and help keep temperatures down, which makes them a perfect gift if your office is in a smaller space. Cacti, succulents, and donkey tails are all fantastic choices that require little attention.
A personalized gift basket. Pampering doesn’t need to be expensive! Ask each of your employees to pitch in a small bottle of alcohol, sweet treat, or other affordable gift. Wrap everything up, toss in a pair of fuzzy socks, and you’ve got a thoughtful and inexpensive birthday experience.
A day off. Many businesses allow their employees to take an extra paid personal day on their birthday to really enjoy their special day. If you’re not in the middle of a busy season or special project, an extra day off is the perfect gift for any employee!

As a business owner, you want your employees to thrive in your workspace. However, it can be hard to focus on work in a dirty office space. Minch’s commercial cleaning service in Doylestown, PA, can increase employee productivity and make your workspace shine! Give our team a call today to learn more or get started!