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How to Fit a Cleaning Routine Into a Busy Life

If you have children, a full-time job, or both, it can feel impossible to keep up with your house cleaning in Buckingham, PA. However, with a bit of organization and prior planning, everyone can squeeze a full cleaning routine into their busy life. The secret? Separating your tasks by days, weeks, and months.

First, you should create a list of basic tasks you can handle doing every day of the week. Keeping up with regular home maintenance will prevent you from spending an entire Saturday or Sunday frantically cleaning every room in your home. Some examples of daily tasks you might want to add to your list can include:

    • Making your bed
      Cleaning up clutter
      Washing and folding a single load of laundry
      Wiping down your kitchen countertops
  • After you have your daily tasks set into place, choose one area of your home to focus on for three days of the week. A sample setup might look like this:

    • Monday: bathroom
      Wednesday: bedrooms
      Sunday: kitchen
  • When each day of the week comes around, focus your attention on cleaning only that room, along with your daily to-dos. As soon as you get into a regular rhythm, you’re less likely to forget an area of your home or to allow it to fall into chaos.

    After you have both your daily and weekly tasks in place, create a monthly plan to tackle major home projects, like cleaning out a garage or attic. The key to cleaning these major areas of your home is to break it up into smaller “chunks,” just like the rest of your week. For example, if you wanted to clean out a garage, your list of tasks might look something like this:

    • Throw out old tools
      Clean tools you’re planning on using again
      Sort tools and cleaning supplies
      Sweep out dirt and dust
      Clean shelving units
      Donate old items and return things to the home that are out of place
  • Work your way through your list of tasks throughout the month to keep yourself on track and avoid getting overwhelmed. Once you have all three systems in place, your home will stay cleaner longer!

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    3 Often-Forgotten Cleaning Tasks to Add to Your Routine

    When it comes to house cleaning in Buckingham, PA, there are a few basic tasks that everyone knows should be done regularly. For example, you won’t find many people who forget to do their laundry, wipe down their kitchen countertops, or make their bed. However, if your home is feeling a little gross even after you clean, it might be because you’ve forgotten one of these commonly missed cleaning tasks.

    • Cleaning out trash cans. Everyone knows that they need to empty their kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom trash cans as soon as they start to smell or are too full to fit more trash in. However, many homeowners don’t realize that their trash cans themselves can quickly accumulate food particles, stray pieces of rubbish, and more factors that can cause odors to linger even with a fresh bag. Once a week, scrub down the interior of your trash can with a mixture of soap and water to eliminate bad smells once and for all.
      Freshen up your decorative throw pillows. While most of us know to clean sheets and pillowcases as part of our normal cleaning routine, we might go weeks or even months without cleaning our throw pillows. Strip the covers off your throw pillows and blankets when you do laundry to ensure a fresh-smelling and totally clean bedroom.
      Sanitize your TV remotes. TV remote controls are some of the most commonly touched (and infrequently cleaned) items in your home. Wipe down your TV remotes with a damp cloth covered in equal parts rubbing alcohol and water to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Professional house cleaning in Bucks County, PA, know how to ensure that your home is completely clean when they walk out the door. If your home needs a fresh start, give Minch a call to get started or make your appointment.