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3 Home Cleaning “Hacks” That Just Don’t Work

House cleaning companies in Bucks County understand that everyone is looking for a way to make their home cleaning schedule a little more manageable. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on cleaning time, you might have come across a number of articles claiming to know secret “cleaning hacks” you can use to save time. Unfortunately, many of these so-called shortcuts don’t actually work as well as they claim. If you’ve been using any of these three common techniques, you might be wasting time instead of saving it.

  • Microwaving your sponges. Some websites have claimed that microwaving your kitchen sponges can kill bacteria living in the sponge. While it’s true that high heat can kill bacteria, this method is unlikely to kill all of the bacteria on your sponge, which will repopulate shortly after you use the sponge again. It’s a better idea to use wash rags and old swatches of cloth to do your cleaning, which can be popped in the washer after each use.
  • Coating your cooktop with car wax. Grease and sauce splatters can be challenging to clean up after they’ve been stuck to your stove for a while. However, you should never attempt to cover your stove with car wax to create a DIY nonstick surface, as this can create a fire hazard. Instead, be sure to clean your stove after each use.
  • Using Coca-Cola to clean your toilet. If you’re running low on toilet bowl cleaner, you might have considered substituting your Scrubbing Bubbles with Coca-Cola. While fizzy drinks contain a small amount of citric acid that can fight rust, they’re much more likely to leave a sticky mess in your bathroom than effectively clean it.

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