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3 Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Faster

From smelly chemicals to cleaning up spaces that might have been left alone for months on end, there are plenty of reasons why homeowners hate cleaning their bathrooms. Thankfully, there are a few quick tips that you can use to sanitize your bathroom while also saving time for other chores. The next time you need to clean your bathroom, try using these cleaning hacks!

  • Remove everything from its normal spot. The first step to cleaning your bathroom should be to remove everything from its normal place. Place shampoo, conditioner, and cosmetic bottles in a separate bin, remove your trash can from the room, and sort towels and washcloths that need to be cleaned by color. Getting everything out of the way before you start really cleaning will make it easier and faster to get the job done.
  • Invest in an acid-based cleaner. Professional house cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA, know that the best way to avoid buildup in your bathtub or shower is to clean your space regularly. While we’d all love to enjoy a spotless bathroom every day, many homeowners find themselves without enough time to thoroughly scrub down their bathroom every week. If you have a large amount of buildup in your shower, consider investing in an acid-based cleaner, which will help you cut through soap scum and grime without endlessly scrubbing away.
  • Take steps to keep your bathroom tidier. After a long day of cleaning, you’ll probably want to take steps to ensure that you don’t need to invest as much time into your bathroom the next time cleaning day rolls around. Taking small steps like installing a hair catcher in your drain and squeegeeing your shower walls after each use will help save you hours of cleaning time later on.

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