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Best Food Organization and Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes down to keeping your foods in an organized manner, it can be difficult when you have an entire kitchen space to utilize, and you’re not quite sure how to do so most efficiently. Having a system in your kitchen which includes where certain types of foods go and how they are stored can help you and others in your home keep organized. On top of that, it makes it easier to know what you may be running out of, and you can more easily recognize what may be expiring soon. Not to mention, organization allows for the best use of space, so if you can keep a clean kitchen, you can have more space to cook.

The Pantry: All Non-Perishable Items

More specifically, when getting down to non-perishable items, there are numerous ideal ways to group related items together. Of course, it should all come down to the space that you have available to you, in that this will look quite different from household to household. For example, if you have more counter space than cabinet space, consider sealed containers such as jars or bags for food storage.

Categorical Organization

Ultimately, when it comes down to organizing your food items, it may be best to consider what category they would fit in. All of these are contingent upon what your cabinet or counter space accommodates, however.

Breakfast foods: We’d recommend keeping cereals and oatmeal close to breakfast bars, so you have all of your (non-perishable) breakfast foods together. This way, in the morning, it makes it easier to choose amongst the similar choices that are in the home.

Soups, beans, canned vegetables, and grains: Whether a tomato or chicken noodle soup is your favorite, it just makes sense to keep these with beans and canned vegetables. Also, all of your favorite grains, including pasta, ramen, quinoa, and rice may fit well in close proximity to these groceries. After all, they do make their way into the same food store aisle, so it just seems like a natural fit. Not to mention, if you have any canned sauces, maybe add these on the same shelf as the pasta. If you find yourself tight on space, consider bagging some grains to save on shelf space. Just be sure that you label accordingly and include the expiration dates too.

Guilty pleasures: By this, we’re talking about those salty snacks and sweets. If you’re looking to resist temptation and live a healthier lifestyle, we recommend placing these on a higher shelf, so they’re more out of sight. With that in mind, it may be easier to ease away from those tempting treats.

Common cooking items: Common cooking items include your everyday cooking sprays, oils, and seasonings. In most kitchens, one of the best areas for this would be a lazy susan or a corner cabinet, which allows just enough space for smaller items such as these.

Baking necessities: Some of the most regularly used baking items include flour, sugar, baking soda, and powdered sugar. No matter what you may store in your pantry, consider smaller containers to make the most of your kitchen. Just be sure that your containers are airtight as to not attract unwelcome guests.

Refrigerated Foods

Similar to that of pantry items, refrigerated and frozen foods have their respective categories. With that said, each grouping can have its allotted section per the fridge, depending on what your diet consists of primarily. For instance, you may benefit from organizing your fridge by the expiration date of yogurts and other light breakfast or lunch items and keeping them with one another. Essentially, stock it like it would be if it were the grocery store, with the items that expire the furthest out in the back or bottom and those that expire sooner on top or in the front. That way, you’re setting yourself up for less food waste, all while carefully making your way through your produce and groceries.

Another helpful tip when it comes to your refrigerator is to clean it up weekly. In order to stay organized, it takes commitment to keep it clean. This process should include throwing away any foods that have expired, reorganizing the space to keep it simple for you, and decluttering. If anything is near finished, consider repackaging it to a zip-sealed bag to free up more space. Also, take the time to presort or pre-pack any foods that you might need on the go during the week. This will save you time and can essentially contribute to that higher-level organization within your kitchen, allowing for convenience too.

Getting Professional Assistance

As you are cleaning out your pantry and your fridge, you may find that it needs some deep cleaning. Just like we’ll clean your kitchen countertops, we can clean up your cabinets and fridge too. Contact us today!

How to Clean When You Don’t Have the Time

If you’re like most who live a busy lifestyle, with the majority of your time devoted to your work and family, it can be a challenge to find the time to clean. More so, you may not always have the opportunity to clean sufficiently around your entire house or condo in Bucks County. Depending on how much square footage you have to cover, it can truly become a time-consuming chore or list of chores, for that matter. With that said, we’ve created a list of tips to help you clean your home efficiently when it feels like you just don’t have the time.

Do A Little Each Day

Do you find that you have the overwhelming task of vacuuming the entire house or mopping several floors? Obviously, if you’re working full-time, this probably can’t all be attended to on the same day. With that said, start with the smaller tasks.

For instance, laundry is a simple chore that can be done throughout the week, even if you get only one or two loads of laundry done a day. If you think about it, it can quickly add up and make your death pile of dirty laundry disappear. While you have those loads in, hang up any clothes that you have lying around, and put them out of sight. Not to mention, go ahead and fold and organize any other clothing items that go in drawers to help declutter the home a bit.

Another area for consideration when you’re in a time crunch is the kitchen. If you haven’t run or emptied your dishwasher recently, chances are, you have some dishes lying around. Take care of them, and if you need to, to lighten the mood, play some of your favorite songs while you do. Whether they need to go in the dishwasher or could just be cleaned by hand, get them done, so it’s one less thing to worry about when you look in your kitchen. Of course, if you have any clean dishes or silverware just waiting to be put away, take a couple of minutes to clear that space too.


Certainly, when you hear decluttering, you may think of an over-occupied area that could take a while to address; however, if you think about it, splitting it up into smaller sections can make it less overwhelming and can still get the job done.

For instance, if you have a table filled with papers that needs some organization, take 30 minutes to start going through them. Determine what you need to keep and where it makes sense to be stored and what should be discarded. Before you know it, you’ve cut down on the mess, and you’ve created more of an organized, livable space for yourself. Even if you don’t get through it all in that 30-minute time frame, at least you can say you’ve moved toward the right direction in having a better-suited space. If you keep that up every day or, rather, take care of papers immediately rather than leaving them lying around, you’ll have less of a mess to clean up and more space available for your needs.

Commit the Time

Meanwhile, when it comes to the more involved work of vacuuming or mopping, there are two key tips to successfully getting these tasks done. The first is, you have to set the time aside to get them done. If you don’t have 45 minutes in the morning to mop your entryway and kitchen, maybe that’s not the right time to do that or the best approach. The other thing to keep in mind is that we highly recommend splitting up your cleaning chores by room.

When you take the time to split up your chores by room, it can make it all the more attainable to accomplish. In essence, we recommend doing one room a day for vacuuming or mopping, depending on what your schedule allows and how much floor space you have to cover. If you develop a plan allowing for your free time each day, you can successfully and efficiently utilize your time all while cleaning your space.

Look Into A Cleaning Service

In order to get the best house cleaning experience, we recommend hiring a cleaning company for that added professional touch. Some of the suggestions above are great for maintaining a clean home or transforming your space to be more sustainable for you, but a professional cleaning service can really elevate your home. Contact us today for more information!