3 Effective and Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is not everyone’s favorite task, but it’s something that has to get done. If you’ve ever spent the night at a hotel, then you know how spotless the bathroom usually looks when you check in. Hotel employees clean their bathrooms every day, which allows them to keep caught up on the cleaning process. By following these three tips and keeping caught up on your own cleaning tasks, your bathroom can look just as great as the ones at a hotel. At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, we are always ready to offer suggestions to help you keep a cleaner and healthier bathroom!

1.Vacuum and dust.
One of the best ways to keep your bathroom looking and smelling great is to vacuum and dust. All bathrooms require some level of vacuuming and dusting to feel and look clean. You can use either a hand-held vacuum or an attachment from your upright vacuum to get the job done. Work from top to bottom, dusting all light fixtures first and then wiping down any shelving with a microfiber cloth. You can then vacuum all of those hard to reach crevices, like behind the toilet and under the cabinetry.

2. Wipe all glass and mirrors.
Another great way to get your bathroom looking and feeling great quickly is by cleaning all of the glass and the mirrors. A bathroom that has fingerprints and smudges all over its glass will automatically look grungier than one that’s been cleaned with a good glass cleaner. You can opt for either a commercial glass cleaner or simply make your own vinegar and water combination to get the task completed. If you are looking for house cleaning companies in Bucks County that can help your bathroom look wonderful, then count on Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC.

3. Scrub the tub and tile.
A great way to get your tub and tile cleaned is to shut the bathroom door and run the hot water for a few minutes. The steam will loosen up any ground in dirt or grease that’s on your tub or tile. Next, wipe down your tub with a soft cleaning agent and pay close attention to the grout. You can use baking soda on the grout if necessary. The next time you need to find a dependable and affordable company for house cleaning in Bucks County, call on Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC. They’ll get the job done right.

For customers looking for house cleaning companies in Bucks County, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is a trusted and reliable name in the industry. All of our employees are fully licensed and bonded, so you can always rest assured that our company will provide you with both trustworthy and thorough cleaning services any time you call!