5 Quick Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

Is your closet overflowing? Do you find yourself constantly running out of hangers, yet simultaneously feeling like you never have anything to wear? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, it’s time for a closet cleanout. Take these five quick tips from our professional cleaning company near Doylestown, PA, and enjoy a more organized closet before fall.

  • Take everything out first. Dumping everything out of your closet might feel like a step in the wrong direction, but you’ll never be able to find a place for everything if you don’t head into the task with an empty space.
  • Ask the hard questions. Be tough on your clothing—don’t keep items of clothing that you don’t need or wear frequently. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide to keep that old t-shirt from college or bridesmaid dress:
  • -Does it fit?
    -Is it free from stains?
    -Have I worn it in the last six months?
    -Do I like the way this looks on my body?

    If the answer to every one of these questions isn’t an enthusiastic “yes,” toss it!

  • Invest in garment organizers. Garment organizers are small tags that you can use to divide hanging clothing into sections. Labeling sections of your closet designated for things like “work clothes,” “gym apparel,” and “going-out ensembles” can help you stay more organized and get rid of ill-fitting and stained clothing sooner preventing another cluttered closet from forming.
  • Fold heavier items. Heavy items like sweaters and loose-knitted jackets can lose their shape if hung on a hanger. Remember to always fold these items to help them retain their wearability.
  • Make it a game. Incentivizing yourself to get rid of old clothing you don’t wear anymore can make it easier to let go. Make a rule that rewards you for everything you toss—for example, for every three tops you get rid of, you can get yourself a new one!
  • Is your cluttered closet the symptom of a bigger home cleanliness problem? House cleaning companies that serve Doylestown, PA, like Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC can handle any residential cleaning task, no matter how big or small. Give us a call today at 267-202-4412 to get started!