5 Spots You Might’ve Forgotten to Clean

You just spent the whole Sunday cleaning.


Time to take off those rubber gloves, pack up the supplies and lay the mop to rest in the kitchen closet, wishing it bon voyage until next time. You pour a refreshing glass of lemonade and take a much-needed seat on the couch. You should feel utterly accomplished right now.


But you don’t.


It’s probably because you don’t feel like you cleaned absolutely everywhere you could’ve. You should be marveling at the sight of your spotless home, but you know you forgot something, and you can’t get that thought out of your mind. If only you could put your finger on what it was!


Take a gander at these commonly forgotten about areas. Maybe what you’re desperately trying to think of is on this list:


  1. Behind the Toilet

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just get behind there and wipe down the area behind the toilet. On second thought, maybe keep your eyes open. Either way, it won’t be that bad. Especially if you get it under control and clean it more often than every other time a new president is sworn in.

  1. Behind/Under/Inside the Fridge

Don’t ignore your fridge. Get all the dirt and grime underneath and behind it, then open it up and clean out all the old food, disinfect the drawers and shelves, and make sure to wipe down its coils!

  1. Inside the Oven

Sure, you did a great job scrubbing the stovetop down, but maybe you forgot to get inside the oven. Get those burnt crumbs out of there if you haven’t already!

  1. Baseboards/Mantel

The baseboards might take some bending over on your end, but the extra effort will pay off and be tangible. Don’t forget to clear and clean your mantelpiece either.

  1. Fans

You turn on the ceiling fan on the first warm day of the year. “Wait a second…Is it snowing in the house right now?” That’s actually dust buildup on the topside of the fan blades that you neglected to wipe down. Don’t forget to do so!

  • Bonus—Small Electronic Items

Remotes, cell phones, landline phones, stereo equipment, keyboards and mice, etc. Disinfect these things to help halt the spread of germs.


Was it one of those things? We know you’re tired, but we believe in you. Just strap those rubber gloves back on one last time, and get it done. It won’t take too long!


If you really don’t feel like it, or still don’t know what you missed, give us a call. We’ll be glad to come out and help clean your home.