5 Tips To Reduce Office Clutter

Office clutter makes your space feel small, stresses you out, and makes you look unprofessional. If your office is suffering from a serious clutter catastrophe, use these five easy tips to spruce things up!

Have an employee desk clean-out day. The best way to clean out an office space is to start from scratch! Have one day when employees are encouraged to totally clear out their desks. Provide trash cans for garbage and shredders for old documents.

Give common items a home. If you have office supplies or tools that employees share, give them a communal “home” where they’re easily accessible. Ask employees to return the items to the home space as soon as they’re finished using them.

Institute strict fridge limitations. What’s that smell? Commercial cleaning services in Doylestown, PA know that an office kitchen can quickly become a cluttered mess if you aren’t proactive. Ask employees to clearly label any food they bring to the office with a defined date and institute strict limits on how long something can stay in the fridge.

Make cleaning supplies available. Most employees are more than happy to pick up after themselves so long as cleaning supplies are readily available. Make basic cleaning supplies (like sanitizing wipes and microfiber towels) readily available and encourage employees to use them. This will prevent stains and clutter from accumulating in your space.

Hire a commercial cleaning service. A clean office is a happy office! Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service to visit your office regularly improves employees’ pride in their space — which leads to less clutter and more productivity.

Is trash, dirt, or dust making your office space feel cramped? Minch Professional Cleaning Services’ commercial cleaning companies in PA can reinvigorate your space! Give our team a call today at 267-202-4412 to learn more or schedule your services!