6 Things You Should be Cleaning but Probably Aren’t

And no, that doesn’t mean washing your hair. I’m assuming that none of us live in the 16th century anymore and that most of us bathe regularly. This list is meant for those forgotten but daily-used items in your home that you wouldn’t normally think about cleaning.

Although it is beneficial to call a cleaning company in Bucks County to ensure that every crack and crevice in your home is spotless, some household items require frequent attention and your personal touch to ensure they receive the cleaning they’ve been waiting for. Here are the six things you should be cleaning in your home but probably aren’t:

1. Fan Blades – Believe it or not, fan blades become very dusty. As they sit and wait for their owner to use them, dust becomes attracted to their motionlessness. House cleaning companies in Bucks County suggest cleaning fan blades regularly so you can breathe easier.

2. Remote Control – I’ll bet you never realized how germy remote controls are. Everyone in the home touches them, whether they’re healthy or sick, causing germs to build their own personal island on them.

3. Trash Can – Although this may sound like an obvious thing to clean, you’d be surprised how often people forget to or overlook cleaning the trash cans. You don’t have to be a professional cleaning service in Bucks County to ensure the trash cans are being cleaned frequently.

4. Toothbrush Holder – Toothbrush holders are another germy and bacteria-infested zone in your home. But cleaning it is super simple with these three tools: Hot water, mouthwash, and a bristle brush.

5. Doorknobs – This is another home fixture that is constantly being touched. Doorknobs are breeding grounds for germs and still most people never clean them. For most door knobs, you can use a simple cleaning spray to knock those germs out.

6. Hairbrush – Hairbrushes are another one of those household items that need a regular cleaning. As hair keeps building up, it’s easy for unwanted germs to build up as well. Reduce them by cleaning out your hairbrush on a consistent basis.

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