Age-Appropriate Chores: Teaching Your Kids to Lend a Helping Hand

At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, we know firsthand that getting kids to clean up after themselves can feel like pulling teeth. Kids may still be learning about how the world works, but even toddlers can pitch in and tidy up after playtime. However, assigning your child a chore that’s inappropriate or too difficult for their age level can result in frustration and tears. Find your child’s age below for ideas on age-appropriate chores that will help keep your home cleaner and teach your little one valuable life skills!

  • Toddlers (age 2-4). Toddlers and small children love to explore, and nothing gets them more excited than the chance to be independent. However, toddlers are also often forgetful, and their lack of hand-eye coordination means they are not very efficient at cleaning up. Along with a little help from mom or dad, toddlers can safely bring their clothing to the laundry baskets, put toys back in their toy boxes, and fill a pet’s food and water bowl.
  • School-aged (ages 5-7). School-aged children are taking on more responsibility in the classroom, and they can help out more at home. This age of child can read and understand a chore chart, sort their laundry according to color, get dressed without assistance, make their beds, and help prepare food with supervision.
  • Adolescents (ages 8-12). Adolescent children rarely need help from their parents when completing chores, and they can be independently responsible for completing their homework, keeping their bedroom clean, and using the dishwasher and laundry machine. Older children do not need to be reminded to do their chores but may benefit from a chore chart.
  • Young teens (ages 13-15). Young teenagers can be held responsible for more complicated chores, including changing light bulbs and cleaning the bathroom. They can change their own bed sheets, vacuum their rooms, and babysit younger children.
  • Older teens (ages 16-18). As teens reach adulthood, they can handle complicated and multi-step chores—ones they will need if they are going off to college or getting a place of their own. Older teenagers can mow the lawn, handle all forms of housework, care for a car if they have one, and prepare family meals as necessary.
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