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5 Essential Tips To Improve Office Morale

If you own a business, you know that the people working for you are your most valuable asset. Happy and engaged employees are excited to do their job, communicate more effectively with clients, and boost the company’s productivity. On the other hand, employees who dread coming to work can make a business suffer.

Is the morale in your office feeling a little low? Use these quick tips to boost your employees’ morale!

Communicate often. The key to great office morale? Communicate, communicate, communicate! Check in with your teams often and see how they’re feeling. Give employees advance notice before any major changes and ask them about challenges they’re facing.

Take feedback seriously. Your employees on the front lines of your business may have valuable insights into your work culture — and any problems you’re facing. Solicit employee feedback anonymously and take the responses seriously.

Spruce up your space. The cleanliness of your office space sets the tone for employees’ feelings. If you leave dust, dirt, and trash lying around, don’t be surprised when your employees can’t do their best work.

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Encourage employees to grow. Every one of your employees has dreams for the future, goals, and ambitions. The best employers foster individual growth as well as professional growth. Reward employees with books or courses on subjects that interest them or treat them to a cultural experience for a job well done. Trust us — they’ll love enriching rewards much more than the usual Starbucks gift cards!

Make strong decisions. As a business owner, you’re the leader that your employees look up to. If you can’t make strong decisions or you flip-flop often, it’s natural for employees to feel frustrated and confused. Make informed decisions and stick with them. If an initiative, product, or program fails, be transparent with employees and move on.

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5 Tips To Reduce Office Clutter

Office clutter makes your space feel small, stresses you out, and makes you look unprofessional. If your office is suffering from a serious clutter catastrophe, use these five easy tips to spruce things up!

Have an employee desk clean-out day. The best way to clean out an office space is to start from scratch! Have one day when employees are encouraged to totally clear out their desks. Provide trash cans for garbage and shredders for old documents.

Give common items a home. If you have office supplies or tools that employees share, give them a communal “home” where they’re easily accessible. Ask employees to return the items to the home space as soon as they’re finished using them.

Institute strict fridge limitations. What’s that smell? Commercial cleaning services in Doylestown, PA know that an office kitchen can quickly become a cluttered mess if you aren’t proactive. Ask employees to clearly label any food they bring to the office with a defined date and institute strict limits on how long something can stay in the fridge.

Make cleaning supplies available. Most employees are more than happy to pick up after themselves so long as cleaning supplies are readily available. Make basic cleaning supplies (like sanitizing wipes and microfiber towels) readily available and encourage employees to use them. This will prevent stains and clutter from accumulating in your space.

Hire a commercial cleaning service. A clean office is a happy office! Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service to visit your office regularly improves employees’ pride in their space — which leads to less clutter and more productivity.

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How to Clean Up After a Pet Parrot

Small, manageable, personable, and oh-so-cute parrots and parakeets make great pets for kids and adults alike. Unfortunately, parrots’ constant preening and messy eating habits can make them a bit more challenging to clean up after. At Minch, we know firsthand that it’s possible to maintain a clean home while also playing with your feathery friend. You just need to keep a solid cleaning schedule — and stick to it.

First, you need to know what type of messes your bird will make. This can help you decide how often to clean and which tools to invest in. Smaller birds (like budgies and parrotlets) are more difficult to clean up after because their diet consists of fine seeds and millet. You may want to invest in a high-powered vacuum cleaner if you have one of these types of birds. Larger birds (like African grey parrots and lorikeets) subsist on a diet that’s mostly fruit — so you’ll want to place a mat below their cage to prevent carpet staining.

Cleaning up after your bird daily will save you time and stress. Remove the grate under the cage daily and wipe off any dropping with a non-toxic cleaner. Change out your bird’s newspaper and remember to rinse his or her water bowl every day. Wooden perches can be a bit more difficult to clean because of their porous material. Once a month, you may want to sand your bird’s perch down to keep their claws manageable. You should also remember to regularly replace your bird’s cuttlebone, an essential tool to keep your bird’s beak trimmed.

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5 Home Cleaning Tasks You Need to Tackle Before You Leave For Vacation

Nothing says “summer” quite like taking a family trip to the beach, amusement park, or to visit family members in other states. Unfortunately, knowing that you’re coming home to a big mess can dampen any summer trip. Save yourself the stress by tackling these must-dos a few days before you head out on your next family adventure!

  • Tackle the dishes. Professional house cleaning services in Doylestown, PA, know firsthand that food scraps and dirty dishes can quickly create an unpleasant odor in your home if left unattended. Remember to take care of your dishes before you leave to prevent decaying food from causing a smell or attracting bugs.
  • Wash, dry, and fold laundry. Your laundry can also pile up in the days before you take your vacation, causing unpleasant smells. Wash, dry, and put away all of your family’s clothing before you leave. You might even find a long-lost swimsuit you want to take to the beach!
  • Make plans for the pets. If you can’t take your pet along with you on your vacation, make special plans to prevent them from going stir-crazy in your home. If you have a dog, you may want to ask your neighbor to take him or her out for walks, food, and bathroom breaks while you’re out. For indoor pets (like cats and hamsters), make sure that you’ve set them up with plenty of food, water, fresh bedding or litter, and toys before you leave. Your furry friend will thank you!
  • Take out the trash. You probably already know that your kitchen trash needs to be taken out before you go on vacation. But have you emptied the other trash cans in your house? Do a “once over” and walk through your home the morning of your trip to make sure that there aren’t any bathroom or bedroom trash cans hanging around with a full bag.
  • Do some dusting. If you or someone you love has allergies, leaving dust to sit around in the home for a week can cause you to come home to an allergy bomb. Remember to dust each room before you leave to prevent illness and irritation.

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3 Daily Habits to Start Your Morning Off Right

Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. If you leave the house after getting in some of your favorite morning habits, you’ll be less stressed and more productive throughout the workday. On the other hand, if you leave rushed and frazzled, don’t be surprised when you feel moodier and snippier with your coworkers.

Taking a few steps to start your day more productively can make a huge difference in the way you feel. Try incorporating one or more of these three simple, quick, healthy morning habits to start your day off the right way.

Have a cold glass of water. Been waking up with a cup of coffee for as long as you can remember? Try adding a glass of ice cold water to your routine. The chilliness of the water can help you wake up and jump-start your metabolism.
Make your bed. Everyone knows that regular house cleaning in Buckingham, PA, can make you feel more relaxed. However, very few people have the time to fully clean their homes before they head to work. Making your bed instantly makes your entire bedroom feel more put together and puts you in the right headspace for the rest of the day.
Meditate. You may not have time to fully relax on a stressful morning, but you can take five minutes to reflect and meditate on the day ahead. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and try to focus on your feelings at that exact moment. You can also envision a productive day and write down a few positive affirmations to further put yourself in the right headspace before you head into the world.

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