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5 Things in Your Home You Didn’t Know You Should Be Cleaning

As a homeowner, you know that regularly cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are crucial to maintaining the health and safety of your family. However, there might be a few essential tasks missing from your home’s to-do list. The next time you set out for a session of house cleaning in Buckingham, PA, be sure to add these commonly missed items to your cleaning list.

-Your window sills. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their windowsills collect a large amount of dirt and dust from outdoors — even when the windows remain closed throughout the day.

-Under your shower door. You’ve scrubbed your tub and shower — but have you cleaned under the shower door? The underside of your shower door might have more grime and mold than you anticipate.

-Your toothbrush holder. According to a research study by the NSF International, 27 percent of toothbrush holders contain harmful bacteria. From Salmonella to E. coli, you have no idea what’s hiding on your toothbrush holder — so be sure to clean it with a disinfectant at least once a week.

-Your kitchen sponge. When was the last time you replaced your kitchen sponge? If it’s been a while, consider replacing your sponge, as these tools can harbor bacteria. If your sponge isn’t falling apart or dirty, you can sanitize it by soaking it in water and microwaving it for one minute. Be careful — the sponge will be very hot when you finish.

-Your trash can. Sure, you know that you need to change your trash cans when they’re full. But your trash cans can also harbor bacteria themselves. Use a disinfectant spray to clean them out before you add a new bag into the can.

At Minch, we pride ourselves on catching the hidden germy areas where competing house cleaning companies in Bucks County miss. To learn more about what makes our unique deep cleaning processes more comprehensive, give us a call!

4 Tips to Clean Your Shower

After a long day of work or chasing after the kids, there’s nothing more relaxing than a long, hot shower. However, you might have a lot of trouble fully relaxing if your shower is perpetually dirty or grimy. These four quick tips will help you stress less and fully enjoy your next shower!

-Don’t scrub hard water stains. If you have hard water stains on your shower’s glass door, don’t scrub at them with an abrasive pad or brush. This is more likely to damage your shower door than it is to clean the stain off. Instead, invest in a hard water spot remover.

-Empty the shower before you begin. Scrubbing around endless shampoo bottles and bars of soap can cause you to miss dirt and grime that’s built up in your shower. Place all of your bottles and lotions in a plastic container or bucket before you start to clean to ensure that you’re fully sanitizing every part of the shower.

-Ventilate your bathroom. Ventilating your bathroom doesn’t just prevent headaches from harsh cleaning chemicals — it can also help prevent the growth of dangerous mold in your shower. Be sure to turn on your bathroom fan and open any windows while you clean.

-Be patient. Professional house cleaning companies in Bucks County know that cleaning solutions work most effectively when you allow them to sit on the mildew or grime that you’re trying to remove. After applying your cleaning product, allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes to fully permeate the stain before you start scrubbing.

Are you dealing with a seemingly impossible cleaning task in your bathroom or shower? Let the team at Minch tackle it for you! Our expert-level house cleaning in Buckingham, PA, will help you relax and fall back in love with your home. Give us a call today to learn more or make your appointment for service!

What to Expect From a Cleaning Service

So you’re ready to hire a cleaning service. Great!


But, before you let us into your home to help tidy it up, you probably have a number of questions about who we are, what we’ll do, and other logistics. As a top professional cleaning service in Bucks County, you can rest assured knowing that your home is in the hands of the best of the best. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and between now when we pay you a visit, take a look at these common expectations:



The price of cleaning your home or commercial space depends on a lot of factors, like how many square feet it is, and exactly what you need us to do. Give us a call and we’ll make arrangements to visit your home or office, and come up with a quote from there.



Maybe you’re wondering how often we’ll clean your space. The answer to that is up to you. If you’re unsure about what you need, though, we’ll be glad to make scheduling recommendations. Whether it’s once a week, monthly or bi-weekly service, we’ll work out the most appropriate schedule to suit your needs.



How will we get into your home? Who is cleaning your home? What happens if something breaks or goes missing? Are your cleaners really trustworthy? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to cover all of these common questions during the consultation.


Be prepared for the consultation

The better prepared you are, the better we can ultimately serve you. Be prepared by knowing what rooms you’d like us to pay special attention to, vice versa, specific items you’d like us to clean and pros and cons of the last service you used, if applicable. By knowing more about what you need, and communicating with us, we’ll be able to best help you!


All in all, we’ve become of the best home and commercial cleaning companies in Bucks County by understanding the value of communication. Get in touch today and we’ll have your home or office sparkling clean in no time!

In a Hurry? The Abridged Guide to Cleaning Your Home

We’re all in a big hurry these days. We work longer hours, have more and more activities to pick our kids up from, and downright just have more going on than ever before. The days of mom staying home to take care of the house while dad goes off to work are over.


Welcome to the modern age, and through all of our hustle and bustle, maybe our homes are suffering in terms of cleanliness.


Don’t have time to clean your home? One thing you can do is let us take care of that for you! As a premier professional cleaning service in Bucks County, we’ll do the dirty work while you’re out and about. There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, right?


In the meantime, take a look these quick cleaning tips. While we wouldn’t recommend never doing a full and proper clean again, these tips will help a bit until you have time for an all-out scrub down.


Tackle Your Kitchen Efficiently

And by that, we mean clean certain things at certain times. Start by soaking your pots and pans in soapy water. While they’re soaking, clean the countertops, then sweep and mop the floor after you do that (so you aren’t just dropping crumbs on the floor after it was cleaned). Scrub the stove last because that’ll be the greasiest part of your kitchen. If you do the stove first, you’ll be more prone to spread grease to other areas. Once you finish with all that, revisit the pots and pans (that have been soaking for a while now). They’ll be cake to clean at that point!


Clean As You Go

Rather than avoiding cleaning at all costs until you’ve built the need up into a full-fledged daylong operation, clean little things here and there throughout the day as you use them. This tip is especially helpful when it comes to the dishes. Try not to let them build up until they’re overflowing. Also, sweep up the floors a little bit here and there a couple times a day. We know you’re busy, but it should only take a few minutes to sweep one or two rooms at a time.


Get Your Supplies in Order

If you go to wipe a countertop with a dirty sponge, what will that accomplish besides wasting a few minutes of your time? Nuke your sponges before using them, make sure your mop isn’t filthy to begin with, etc. Starting clean will save you from a world of wasted efforts.


Make Your Bed 

It’s amazing how much of a difference a made bed will make in terms of a bedroom’s apparent cleanliness. Make your bed and the whole room will look much better!


So, by tackling the kitchen in an efficient manner, cleaning bits and pieces here and there on a daily basis, using fresh supplies and making your bed, your house will be in much better shape until we get there to give it a full scrub down.


And for the business owners out there, the above tips also apply to your workspaces! Furthermore, did you know that we’re a top commercial cleaning company in Bucks County? Give us a call today and see for yourself!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

The go green movement has been picking up exponential speed in recent years. We’re becoming more and more environmentally conscious in every aspect of our lives. Our cars emit less CO2, appliances conserve water, our heating systems are fueled by natural gas and the list goes on.


Cue the (energy efficient) lightbulb in your head. “I should implement greener practices into my cleaning regimen.”


What a great idea! You don’t have to be Rachel Carson to mop your floors with a little bit of environmental consciousness (P.S. don’t wipe the counters with DDT. Just trust us on this one.). Here are some ideas that can help you clean more greenly:


Deodorize With Fresh Air

While deodorizers and scent neutralizers smell nice, they’re full of chemicals that aren’t necessarily the best to be breathing in. During warmer weather days, consider simply opening up a window and pointing a fan at it. That’ll blow the stuffy and stale air out, and leave your home smelling fresh again.


Use Old Newspapers

Old Newspapers make for perfect window cleaning agents, and by using them you’re “reusing,” which is the second most effective conservation approach in the reduce, reuse, recycle trifecta that we hear so much about. Furthermore, you can make a window cleaning solution by combining a couple of cups of water with a splash of vinegar, and teaspoon of liquid soap. Your windows will sparkle clean and green!


Conserve Water

This is a great way to reduce, and you’d be surprised at how well you can do with a lot less water. Try to be conscious of how much you’re using, and reduce it as much as possible. We challenge you to cut it in half during mopping and cleaning!


Natural Products

These natural products are extremely effective, and they’re green!

  • Coffee Grounds: Neutralize and deodorize your refrigerator and freezer with coffee grounds. Make sure they’re dry.

  • Lemons: They can be helpful in many ways when it comes to cleaning. Use lemons to polish your copper pots and pans, or make a citrus cleaning spray by combining peels and vinegar (make sure to let them set for a few weeks). You can even clean the microwave by putting a lemon in a bowl of water.

  • Vinegar: On top of its aforementioned uses, a simple vinegar solution (half water, half vinegar) can be used to clean and disinfect just about anything in your home, from the fridge, to the counters and bathroom!


These ideas are just a start, but they should be immensely effective if you want to save money and clean more naturally and healthily. Plus, you’ll feel great about yourself knowing that you’re doing your part to contribute environmentally conscious practices. Besides, it’s not like these methods are any less effective than the less-green routes, so it’ll be a win win win as far as we’re concerned.

And, if you want the help of an environmentally conscious residential and commercial janitorial service in Bucks County, give us a call! We’d be glad to help.