Cleaning Tips to Keep Spiders Away

Halloween is a time when people start putting up spooky decorations and faux spider-webs to create that haunted atmosphere. You should not have to worry about real cobwebs when you are putting up the fake ones. Not only are the real webs an eyesore, but they are, or once were, the home to an eight-legged intruder.


Along with wanting the peace of mind that you will not find a spider dangling over you while you sleep, there are other reasons to take down these nests. Since the webs are incredibly sticky, as anyone who has ever walked through one will tell you, the silk will trap pollen, dust, and the remains of the spider’s last meal. They also are a fire threat as the web is very flammable. For those doing some house cleaning in Bucks County, here are tips on how to get rid of those pesky cobwebs.

Do Research

Although it is unlikely, before you begin cleaning make sure that the spider in your house is not poisonous. If it is one of the few poisonous spiders of known to live in the area, it is recommended that you contact an exterminator before proceeding.

Clean the Walls

The first step to creating spider-free house is to remove all the existing webs. Begin by using either the extension nozzle on a vacuum or a duster to remove the silk from the walls. Next you should scrub down the areas where a nest was to ensure there are no remnants.

Furniture Polish with Lemon

Two interesting facts about spiders: their taste-buds are on their feet; they do not like citrus flavors. After you have finished cleaning the webs off the wall, wipe the area down with furniture polish that contains lemon oil. In doing so, you will help deter spiders from returning to those problems areas.

Spider Patrol

After removing their homes, it is important to make sure that these pests are not still wandering about your home. You should also make sure there are no other insects dwelling in the house, as these are what attracted the spiders in the first place. Cutting off their food supply and you will stop the influx of spiders.


Now that the spiders have been removed from the house, it is time to keep them out. You should seal off any cracks or openings in the doors and windows to prevent the spiders from walking in as the temperatures begin to drop.

If you follow these steps, the only cobwebs you will be cleaning up in the future are the ones you put up. For homeowners with arachnophobia that are looking at house cleaning services in Princeton to do the dirty work, give us a call today.