Easy Steps to Prepare Your Backyard for Summertime

It’s hard to believe summertime is FINALLY here!  I dont know about you but to me it seemed like winter was never going to end.  That was way too much snow for me!  And now that the sun is shining bright, it is time to get ready for summer cookouts and gatherings.   But, before you go ahead and invite everyone over to enjoy the weather, the backyard probably needs some sprucing up.   So here is a list of a few quick things you can do to help prepare for warm sunny days filled with loved ones and fun times.
Purchase new patio furniture
  • If your patio furniture didn’t make it through the winter, consider replacing old or worn furniture with something new. Or, if you don’t have patio furniture, purchase a set so that you can take advantage of your pretty outdoors this summer.
Update cushions and umbrella
  • If your furniture frames are in good condition but your cushions are looking a bit worn or out of style, simply replace your cushions or add a new umbrella to your space.
Accent pillows
  • If your furniture and cushions all made it gracefully through the winter, consider yourself lucky! Take this opportunity to update your overall look and feel by adding a few fun and stylish outdoor accent pillows to your seating.
Add a planter box with flowers
  • Beautiful flowers always add a pretty touch to your outdoor space during the summertime. Adding planter boxes, either window or stand-alone ones, can give you extra space to decorate with a colorful array of fresh blooms this summer.

Solar lights  

  • Light up your pathways with pretty solar lights this summer. Not only are these super simple to install, but they also won’t increase your electric bill!
Party lights
  • Add a little sparkle around your deck with a pretty set of stringed party lights! From caged string lights to colorful jewel-toned lights, these can truly add sparkle to your deck while reflecting your own personal style.
Protect from pests
  • Don’t forget to protect yourself and your guests from pests! A simple citronella candle works, but pretty citronella tabletop torches are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your personal preference.
  • If you have outdoor electricity and an overhang, install an overhead fan to keep you cool on hot summer days! If that doesn’t describe your outdoor space, you can always bring a standing fan outside to help keep you cool.
Outdoor rug
  • Another great way to spruce up your outdoor space is to add a decorative outdoor rug! Rugs come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your outdoor needs.
Add a fire pit
  • If digging a fire pit isn’t on your summer to-do list, you can still stay warm on cool summer nights and roast marshmallows over a pretty fire pit you bring home from the store.
Sweep, power spray and restain your deck
  • Take a moment to sweep off your patio or deck and then use a power sprayer to get the remaining winter dirt and grime off. If you have a wood deck, consider restaining and resealing it if necessary. (Lowe’s, $299)
Clean patio furniture
  • Spring cleaning can do wonders for your home and your soul, so don’t forget to clean your outdoors, too! Grab the kids and a few rags and clean off all the dirt, grime and cobwebs from your patio furniture. (Lowe’s, $5)

Hope this helps get you all ready for Summer 2014!