How to Remove Upholstery Stains

With everyone enjoying the outdoors during the summer, they are sure to have tracked some dirt onto the family couch at one point or another. Cleaning up these messes can be a difficult task with the variety of cleaning products out on the market, the material of the upholstery, and what caused the stain. Improper cleaning can lead to worsening the stain or ruining the furniture altogether. Here is a list of tips to follow to give you a better understanding of proper fabric cleaning procedures when you take on your next house cleaning in the Princeton area.



Before you start, remove the cushions and decorative covers. Next you will want to vacuum all areas of the furniture to make sure there is no dirt that will be spread during the washing process.


Find out what caused the stain. If it was caused by food, drinks or dirt, steaming cleaning will most likely get the stains out. If caused by an oil-based element, you will need to purchase chemical-based cleaners. Next you will want to find the tag on the furniture to find out what cleaning method the company recommends using. Tags that read “W” it means you can use water-based products without damaging the fabric. An “S” means you will need a water-free solvent, which if not used properly may cause further damage. If the tag has “WS,” “SW,” or “X” on it, we recommend having one of our professionals take care of the stain as there is a greater degree of risk involved in the cleaning process.


Now that you have identified the type of stain and the best way to attack it, you can finally get to work. For the easier to remove stains, you can rent or buy a steam cleaner that will lift the markings out with ease. If you have to use chemicals to treat the areas, be sure to test it in a hidden area first to make sure you do not add to the problem. After the stains have been lifted, make sure to let it completely dry before returning the cushions to the couch.

While cleaning upholstery may seem like a simple thing to do, there are many factors that go into it. If you are leery of doing the process yourself and looking at house cleaning companies in Princeton, give the experts at Minch Professional Cleaning Services a call today.