So, You Decided to Throw A House Warming Party: Tips To Minimize Cleanup During and After the Party

You just moved into your new home or apartment, and your first reaction is to call and text everyone you know that you want to have a house warming party. Immediately after you press send on your phone, the gravity of your decision dawns on you: You are about to have multiple people over at your new, squeaky clean home. Your mind starts racing with all of the possible spills and stains and you go on lockdown. How many trash bags am I going to need? Am I allowed to tell people to take off their shoes? What if someone spills on the new carpet?

Take a deep breath and try not to panic. Everything is going to be just fine. Over the years, we have learned a thing or two about professional cleaning service in Philadelphia – we have got you covered. Below, we provide some tips and tricks to keep your new place spotless. With our help, your housewarming party will go off without a hitch!

–          Keep the food simple to minimize the mess. Accidents happen all the time, especially when food is consumed. Do yourself a favor and offer your guests food that does not require utensils. Finger foods, such as cheese plates and small hor d’oeurves – mini sandwiches or quiche bites, for instance — present a low risk for cleanup. If spilled, there is little mess and cleaning is relatively easy.

–          Cans, not bottles. For alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike, cans are always a better idea. This eliminates the possibility of bottle caps being left all over your home. And, as a preventative measure to your guests tearing off cab tabs, provide a bowl where they can discard can tabs instead of having them on your floor.

–          Make sure to have designated areas for trash. Before the party starts, set up areas for your guests to throw away their trash, and make doubly sure you have spare trash bags on hand. As your guests begin to consume drinks and food, let them know the best place to dispose of trash. That way, after your guests have finished their food or drink, they will know where to go, and they will not leave the trash for post-party cleanup.

–          Paper plates and disposable utensils are your friend. Don’t use your nice china for the party! Invest in some paper plates and plastic fork, knives and spoons. Your guests won’t mind; they just want to have a good time.

–          Remember that it is your home, and you make the rules. This is the golden rule for any party you are throwing. Your house is your haven, so your guests should respect that. If there is an area in your home you do not want your guests to enter, or a specific rule you would like to enforce, such as using coasters on your furniture, then by all means let them know. They will appreciate the heads up and you will feel at ease with so many people in your home.

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