Homeowner power washing deck in the summertime.

Summer Cleaning Checklist: 5 Things You Should Clean in the Summer

Even though most people associate marathon cleaning sessions with spring, your home requires attention during all four seasons to look and function at its best — summer is no exception. Some cleaning chores are more suited to summer than to any other season. Here’s a shortlist of tips for house cleaning that Bucks County residents should do at the beginning of summer.

Deep Clean Patios, Porches, Decks, and Balconies

Early summer is the ideal time to ensure that patios, decks, balconies, and other outdoor living spaces are ready for warm-weather use.
Start by thoroughly sweeping and mopping all surfaces. Be alert for signs of moss, lichen, and mildew, and apply appropriate treatments for these issues if found. Dust off awnings, outdoor umbrellas, and patio sets. This is also a good time to prepare outdoor planters and get your grills ready for summer cookouts.

Flip Your Mattresses

Mattresses should be flipped twice per year on average to prevent one side from getting worn out. Mattresses should also be cleaned at the time they’re flipped due to accumulations of dust mites, dead skin cells, and other debris. Afterward, you can replace heavy winter bedding with light summer fabrics.

Deep Clean, Purge and Organize Closets

The start of the warm season is the perfect time to give your closets a refresh because you’ll be switching from winter wear to your summer wardrobe. Besides thoroughly cleaning floors, walls, and doors, purge items that you haven’t worn during the past year and generally organize your clothes and shoes.

Scrub and Disinfect Trash Receptacles

Warmer temperatures mean that everything smells stronger, and besides being generally unpleasant, this can attract local wildlife to your trash bins. Give them a thorough washing with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent, followed by a rinse with a solution of water and household bleach. This is also a good time to replace worn-out trash cans.

Refresh and Disinfect Laundry Rooms

Warm temperatures bring increased mold and mildew issues that combine with humidity in laundry rooms to create a prime environment for the development of fungal colonies. Be sure to clean everything thoroughly with a bleach-based cleaning solution, including the insides of your washer and dryer, as well as the area behind them.
Services providing house cleaning in Bucks County can help busy homeowners get ready for the summer season.