Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Where to Find Them

Ecologically safe, non-toxic cleaning products have been with us for decades – remember your mom scrubbing with baking powder?? – but thanks to the Green movement of the last ten years or so, these “eco-products” have grown more and more effective, affordable and readily accessible. They’ve also grown broader in scope, with everything from furniture spritzers to wet wipes being touted as reformulated to be sustainable and safe. We may have 25 years of experience cleaning homes in PA and NJ, but some of these products were even new to us!  If you’re interested in household products that are guaranteed safe for use in homes with pets or small children, take a look at our list of some products you can now find made with new “green” formulas.

Surface Wipes

Surface wipes no longer have to be caustic and fill your office or car with a chemical smell. Instead, you can now buy them in biodegradable versions with “aromatherapeutic” scents like lavender, lemon and aloe, made with all-natural ingredients. These are great for wiping down your desk or keyboard, or using on your dashboard and steering wheel in your car. You can usually buy these at any store like Target or Walmart.

Furniture Cleaner

For furniture materials that require a little extra care, such as wood, lacquer and upholstery, experts generally recommend using a formula designed specifically for use on these materials. Unfortunately, furniture cleaner can be made with materials that are unsafe for pets or children, which makes them something you may want to avoid having in your home. Archer Hard Goods, however, makes a furniture spritzer that is plant-based and “people safe, plant safe, child safe, pet safe and marine safe.”

Cleaning Solutions

They may be a little on the pricey side, but with Wholefoods’ Eco-Scale system, where all Wholefoods products must list their full ingredients and are rated and 3rd party verified, it’s easy to find cleaning solutions that are guaranteed safe for your home. Wholefoods only accepts products in the scale’s range of orange (no phosphates, chlorine or fake colors), yellow (100% natural fragrances and minimal safety concerns) and green (100% natural, non-petroleum ingredients). Cleaning solutions in particular are an important substance we use quite often to sanitize our kitchens and bathrooms, so following these standards could help you ensure you aren’t using a cleaning solution that’s damaging to both your health and the environment. Increasingly, other grocery stores and drugstores will also carry reasonably priced, eco-friendly brands as well.

Drain Cleaners and Decloggers

Yep, you can get these in a green version, too! Drano and other industrial-strength drain cleaners may be very effective in clearing clogged pipes, but many people worry about having them in their homes because they are notorious for being made with dangerous chemicals that aren’t safe for the environment. Citra-Drain is an “enzymatic” cleaner that uses organic substances instead of super-caustic chemicals to break apart grease, oil and soap residues.

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