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Minch Money Rewards Program Effective 3/1/13

Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC is starting a new rewards program for it’s customers. It is a simple way for our customers to earn back money as they spend it. For every $25 a customer spends on a service, they earn $1 in Minch Money. Once customers have earned $25 in Minch Money, they can use that money on any of our services. One important thing to remember is that you can only use one $25 Minch Money at a time. In addition it can not be combined with any other offer.

Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC offers many different services. We do residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and construction cleanup. In addition, we also handle maintenance on all types of flooring including stripping, buffing, and waxing. Our staff is fully trained in all areas to ensure our services provided are the very best we can provide. Residential cleaning can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance cleaning schedule. Commercial cleaning is done on an as-needed basis which is typically set by the customer, and it can vary anywhere from multiple times a week to once a month. We schedule around the needs of our customers.

When the team at Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC decided to develop a rewards program, it was done with the intention of showing appreciation to their customers. Many of the current customers have been with the company for a long time, so it was important to find a way to show how much we appreciate them and their dedication to us. We all know times are a little tougher right now and the economy has it’s struggles, so this was a way to say that we understood that and that we value every single customer no matter how long or short they have been with us.

New Year, New Cleaning Resolution

We have all said it at least once in our lives. “This year I resolve to get my house organized and clean.” It sounds really good when we say it too. Problem is actually following through with the statement. We know that we really do have great intentions but typically they start out strong only to fizzle as time goes on. Maybe it’s because we don’t actually set a plan up to use and follow up with. Well we want to help with that. We have put together a plan of action for you to follow so you can keep up with it. We know life gets crazy at times, but we simplified this plan as best as we could to help keep your home clean and organized.

This plan that we developed will help you distinguish between daily, weekly and monthly cleaning necessities as well as set organization goals. And the best part is if you happen to veer off course, its pretty simple to hop back on track. We recommend writing it out, maybe on a dry erase board. Truth is your less likely to forget about it, if it’s placed in a highly visible location. Here is a list of how we broke it down for you:

There are a few things that should really be done on a daily basis. These things are simple and can be done throughout the day. They are: make the bed, put all dirty clothes into the hamper, wipe down sinks and counters in bathroom, open mail then toss/organize as needed, wipe down sinks and counters in kitchen, wash all dirty dishes, spot vacuum or sweep high traffic areas (if needed), and pick up any toys/clutter around the house.

Typically weekly chores have an assigned day to complete them. Assigning them to a certain day helps create a routine and in turn your more likely to keep up with them. Things to complete weekly are: laundry, changing bed linens, scrub stove top, clean kitchen appliances, disinfect counter tops, doorknobs and handles in kitchen and bathrooms, wipe down all mirrors throughout house, wash/clean any throw rugs, deep clean shower walls and tub in the bathroom, scrub toilets in bathrooms, dust all furniture throughout the house, vacuum all carpeting, sweep and mop all floors, sort through any paperwork that has accumulated during the week (file what needs to be and trash the rest).

Monthly cleaning is when you really have to get down and dirty. No it’s not fun but at least it’s only once a month. The things that need cleaning monthly are: clean the refrigerator inside and out, clean all ceiling fans, wash all floorboards, vacuum all furniture, wipe down walls as needed, dust all air vents, clean windows throughout the house, clean office areas (keyboards, monitors, etc), organize any family rooms or kids toys, and organize your paperwork that you have filed already (keep whats needed, trash what is not).

Organization Goals:
If you have an area or more that you want to get really cleaned up and organized, set up a realistic goal to achieve with it. Pick a day of the week and a time limit to work on it. For example maybe every Thursday for 2 hours you clean up the attic. Keeping it realistic is important. Life happens but it will happen much smoother if you are clean and organized.

A Quick Little Guide to Choosing a Cleaning Service

There are many things to consider when choosing a cleaning service for your home or place of business.  It is very important to be thorough and ask lots of questions especially since after all, your placing a lot of trust in the company.  Some of the questions we recommend are:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Is it a privately owned company or a franchise?
  3. Does the company have proper insurance and liability coverage?
  4. How many cleaners per team and do they same cleaners come back to your home each time?
  5. Do they complete background checks, drug testing, and reference checks on the staff?
  6. Can they provide with a list of what is completed each clean? 
  7. What types of things are considered extra services?  Are oven, refrigerators, and windows included?  If not what are the costs of those things
  8. Does they cleaning service provide the tools needed for the clean or does the customer provide them?
  9. What forms of payment are accepted?
  10. How is the schedule done?  Do they give exact times?  Do they do reminder/confirmation calls?

Always remember to never be afraid to ask any question.  Check with the Better Business Bureau.  Get the company’s references.  Ask them to provide a proof of insurance, liability and bonding.  This is your home/business and it is very important that you feel 100% comfortable with the company.  Trust and communication are the keys to a successful relationship of any kind.

Some Tips On How To Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

If your cat, dog, or any animal you have pees on your carpets, removing the urine stain must be done immediately because not only will it stink, but it will most certainly leave a stain! Cat urine is the worst—its smell is very potent, and if you neglect to clean it up, the smell will linger for a while!

Removing a pet stain in your carpet works the best if you clean it up immediately! This way there will be less time for the urine to sink into the carpet causing permanent stains or damage to your carpet.

Immediately after noticing the stain and urine you should attempt to remove as much liquid and solids as possible with paper towels.  Also, try not to spread the stain; you should work carefully from the edge to the center.  You should take note that it is vital to not use any cleaner that has ammonia in it because most animals have a very strong sense of smell.  Why is this important?  Your pets may smell the ammonia (it smells like urine) and this could cause it to pee in the same vicinity all over again!

If you have a stain that has been soaking in your carpet for a few hours, these ones can be, and often are, incredibly hard to clean.  However, white vinegar can be used to clean stains that have been lingering  Also, carpets that have stain resistant finishes will give you more time to blot up the stain before it completely soaks into the carpet.  However, don’t “over-wet” your carpet with water when you clean, use club soda (if you have it) for cleaning up the mess as quickly as possible (if it has been sitting.)

3 Tips to Help Maintain Your Marble Floor

Most of the time, a marble floor needs very little maintenance. However, neglecting it will tarnish the way it looks even though neglecting it does not usually affect how long it lasts. Therefore, if you take care of your marble floor and perform habitual maintenance, any other type of flooring you may buy in the future will not compare to the radiance and timeless beauty of your well-maintained marble floor.

1—You should perform standard maintenance with a natural detergent in water

When it comes time to gathering your cleaning equipment it should include a mop or a floor polishing/scrubbing machine. If you want to use a machine, the pads should be of the synthetic type and never metal fibers, as splinters may disconnect and cause rust marks to show up on the surface of the marble floor.

2—A good approach to preserving marble floors is to make the use of a program similar to that of taking care of regular tile floors

When it comes to stripping, a conventional stripper is ideal. Any pads you use for stripping should be placid scrubbing pads. The black pad generally utilized for stripping may scratch marble surfaces.

Although not required, a sealer may be applied to protect the grout. The surface may then be finished with an acrylic polymer metal-linked polish. If your cleaning equipment includes a team of easily-applied products, you will save time, and when the floor finish is buffed/burnished, the maximum beauty of the marble floor will be there to enjoy.

3—For daily maintenance, a neutral type of cleaner should be used on the finish or the marble itself.

A polished marble floor can be gorgeous and long lasting, but only with suitable care and maintenance procedures.