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Why Dusting Your Home Is Essential

Why Dusting Your Home Is Essential

Dusting your home is essential!

Not only is dusting essential for you to have a clean home, but eradicating the dust produced from pet dander, pollen, and other substances can actually help to reduce the possibilities that you or a member of your family will have allergies.  So, as you dust, remember this tip—left to right—top to bottom—no backtracking!

Dusting Tips

You can make the use of used fabric softener sheets for dusting as opposed to using the more expensive cloths.  Remember to look up at the ceiling, in the corners and overhead light fixtures, and skylights for those irritating cobwebs that may sporadically come falling down when you have guests over!  Also, don’t forget to dust you ceiling fans—lots of dust regularly accumulates on them!

On Fighting Hidden Dirt…

When it comes to dusting baseboards, you can put on old socks, spray a bit of cleaning fluid on them, and then slide your feet along the baseboard (sticking your toes into corners to get the hard-to-reach dust!)  Besides cleaning, this method is also good for getting some exercise!

Pleated Shades, Miniblinds, and Louvered Doors…

To eradicate dust, wipe a new paintbrush over the slats vertically, then horizontally. After you are done, clean your brush.


Realistically, most of the time you cannot get your vacuum to reach these areas, so you can use a mop, broom handle, or a fishing pole and cover it with an old shirt to clean them.

Air vents…

Fuzzy dust and cobwebs stick to heating and air conditioning vents.  Make sure that you vacuum carefully to suck up any dust.


Yup, the inside of your dishwasher gathers dirt, dust, and gook!  To remedy this you can pour a cup (more or less) of household vinegar into the bottom and run the cycle to clean.

Finally, make sure to remember this vital tip before you start!

Work left to right—top to bottom—no backtracking!-


Tips For Hiring A Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service that you can depend on does not have to be a daunting process.

In fact, here are some tips to take into consideration as you begin your search for a cleaning service:

1.  Ask some of your friends and neighbors for recommendations.  You can also look through the Yellow Pages for a list of cleaning companies.  When you begin to call, ask each one for a list of their references and estimates.  Also, do not forget to call the references!

2.  Determine exactly which tasks you need the professional cleaning service to perform, and communicate those needs.   You will save yourself a considerable amount of time and money by making your preferences known.

3.  Ask the companies to come to your home for an on-premise interview because this will allow the service provider to determine the magnitude of the job and their price to clean your home in regards to your needs.  You may also want to make a list of the chores you need performed in your home and ask the service representative to review the list to make sure there are no chores they can’t do for you.

4.  Inquire about how long the cleaning service has been in business.  In addition, figure out how often you’ll need the company’s services.  Finally, obtain (in writing) the specific chores the service will perform, the schedule for their visits, and the price for each visit.

5.  Speak with the company about what kinds of supplies they’ll need to clean your home because you may need to purchase some cleaning supplies yourself.

6.  Before you hire a company to clean your home, ask for proof of liability insurance, the dollar amount of the company’s insurance, and the expiration date of their coverage.

7.  Make sure the company is bonded and insured.  This protects you against damaged, stolen, or broken items.  Also, ask the company if they have a procedure in place to investigate a lost item.

As the client, always treat individuals who come into your home with respect and dignity as this will make you more likely to get the best services your desire!