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Why Dusting Your Home Is Essential

Why Dusting Your Home Is Essential

Dusting your home is essential!

Not only is dusting essential for you to have a clean home, but eradicating the dust produced from pet dander, pollen, and other substances can actually help to reduce the possibilities that you or a member of your family will have allergies.  So, as you dust, remember this tip—left to right—top to bottom—no backtracking!

Dusting Tips

You can make the use of used fabric softener sheets for dusting as opposed to using the more expensive cloths.  Remember to look up at the ceiling, in the corners and overhead light fixtures, and skylights for those irritating cobwebs that may sporadically come falling down when you have guests over!  Also, don’t forget to dust you ceiling fans—lots of dust regularly accumulates on them!

On Fighting Hidden Dirt…

When it comes to dusting baseboards, you can put on old socks, spray a bit of cleaning fluid on them, and then slide your feet along the baseboard (sticking your toes into corners to get the hard-to-reach dust!)  Besides cleaning, this method is also good for getting some exercise!

Pleated Shades, Miniblinds, and Louvered Doors…

To eradicate dust, wipe a new paintbrush over the slats vertically, then horizontally. After you are done, clean your brush.


Realistically, most of the time you cannot get your vacuum to reach these areas, so you can use a mop, broom handle, or a fishing pole and cover it with an old shirt to clean them.

Air vents…

Fuzzy dust and cobwebs stick to heating and air conditioning vents.  Make sure that you vacuum carefully to suck up any dust.


Yup, the inside of your dishwasher gathers dirt, dust, and gook!  To remedy this you can pour a cup (more or less) of household vinegar into the bottom and run the cycle to clean.

Finally, make sure to remember this vital tip before you start!

Work left to right—top to bottom—no backtracking!-


2 Tips For “Winter Cleaning” Your Home

Most of us feel an urge to deep clean our houses when spring rolls around.  In fact, the “Spring Cleaning” custom is basically engraved into the minds of many of those who own a home.

But consider this spring cleaners…why use most of your time cleaning when the weather finally turns nice?  Why not clean now, when you’re stuck inside all winter anyway?

Snow and rock salt is tracked indoors by your family every day, the heater is always running, and because your windows are closed—all that dust sits inside your home!

Having a thoroughly cleaned home can do wonders for your psyche, and doing your cleaning in the winter is a good change of pace for many people—mainly if you follow a set cleaning schedule every week.  There are a number of ways to keep you home cleaned, but here are two ideas/tips to help get you started on your “winter cleaning.”

Check Your Furnace, Make Sure It Is Clean!

Make sure that you change your furnace filter every month.  This action aids in making your home more energy efficient, and keeps your air much cleaner. Also, don’t forget to make sure your furnace is in good condition.  If it is covered in soot and dustor if there are dust bunnies moving around below it, make sure to clean it out immediately!

Be Wary Of Dust That Occupies Your Home

Due to the warm and dry air that circulates throughout your home during the winter, your home may get very dusty.  To remedy this, you should dust surfaces from top to bottom to help manage the amount of dust circulating inside your home.  Also, don’t neglect dusting your ceiling fan blades and the tops of window moldings (both of which are usually disregarded and can gather dust quickly)  Lastly, if you clean your home’s air ducts, you will not only decrease the amount of dust, germs, and allergens circulating throughout your home, but it may also help your furnace in operating more efficiently.