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3 Common Causes of Fall Allergies

Contrary to popular belief, allergies don’t end when the pollen and dust settle down after the spring season. Many allergy sufferers know that the sneezing, sniffling, and runny noses that come along with allergies can easily bleed into the fall and even the winter months. Commercial cleaning companies in PA know that the onset of fall allergies can cause Continue reading

The Five Most Common Germs Lurking in Your Office

If you’re like most people, germs and bacteria are probably two of the last things on your mind when you head in for a day at the office. Unfortunately, even when you aren’t thinking about them, germs are lurking on your cell phone, inside your office fridge, and even colonizing your keyboard. Therefore, we’d like to shed light on some of the most common germs found within an office setting.
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Three Secret Germ Hotspots Hiding in Your Office

When your employees enter your office space, they’re depending upon you to provide an environment that is safe, inviting, and conducive to productivity. Unfortunately, many office managers and business owners do not realize just how many secret germ hosts might be lurking in their otherwise pristine workspace. Employing a cleaning company in Doylestown that knows how important it is to clean these three common hidden sources of germs can help limit employee downtime during the remainder of allergy season!

  • Touch screens. Smartphones, tablets, and computers, oh my! Even if you don’t work in the tech industry, chances are that your employees are using several touchscreen surfaces on a day-to-day basis. When these devices are shared without disinfecting, they can easily spread germs.
  • Keyboards. Keyboards can become germs traps all year-round but may become particularly dangerous during the spring allergy season, when dust, pollen, and dander can become airborne and cause keyboards to malfunction. Dipping a cotton swab in disinfectant and cleaning the spaces between the keys is a simple and quick way to clean out germs from this sensitive piece of equipment.
  • Coffee makers. Most employees probably already know that if you’re looking to stay healthy, post-bathroom hand washing is required. However, many office workers underestimate just how many germs may be lurking in the break room and kitchen. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to hidden office germs is the coffee maker. From a handle that’s rarely disinfected to the potential for mold buildup, commercial cleaning companies in PA should always remember to pay special attention to the coffee machine when cleaning an office space.
  • Understanding how to get rid of lesser-known germ hotspots is crucial for any commercial cleaning plan. To learn more about how to get your office ready for spring, give Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC a call today at 267-202-4412.

    Four Important Steps to Spring Clean Your Desk

    Did you know that cleaning your office space is a great way to increase your productivity? Now that the spring season has arrived, it’s the perfect time for office managers to invest in the services of the professional commercial cleaning companies in PA that keep employees happy and healthy. In the meantime, encouraging employees to clean out their desks is a great way to help improve office morale and productivity quickly. Four easy steps any employee can take today to straighten up for spring include: Continue reading

    Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

    Many small businesses are able to handle all of their cleaning needs through minor work from the employees. However, as the workload increases, employees have less time to clean, while the need for cleaning increases. Eventually, for the good of the company, you will need to hire a professional janitorial service in the Bucks County area. If you have been on the fence about hiring commercial cleaners, our certified cleaning professionals have helped construct a list of the main benefits you will experience by doing so.


    • Productivity: One of the most noticeable benefits of hiring a professional service is the drastic increase in your employees’ productivity. Since your employees will no longer need to stop working to clean, they will be able to focus on the job you hired them to do.
    • Well-Being: Our cleaners have undergone extensive training in various cleaning techniques, which means we are sure to get your office cleaner than your employees could. During a routine cleaning, we will ensure everything is properly sanitized. Since there will be less bacteria and allergens, you will have healthier employees. By looking after the well-being of your employees, they are less likely to take sick days, which in turn leads to an increase in their productivity.
    • Savings: By having regular maintenance performed, you will increase the lifespan of your floor and carpets by delaying the need to have either replaced. It will also reduce the need to have extensive cleanings performed, such as buffing and refinishing the tiles. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will also eliminate the need for you to pay and provide benefits for an employee hired solely to clean.
    • Atmosphere: A dingy office not only diminishes your employees’ morale, but it also gives off an air of unprofessionalism to the clients. A dirty workplace makes for bad first impressions and can hurt your business’s bottom line. By making sure the floors and windows are shining, you will help create a positive environment for your workers and your customers.

    When your company has grown to the point where your employees can no longer handle the cleaning duties, you may actually be hurting your business by not hiring one of the janitorial cleaning services in Bucks County. If you are interested in hiring professionals, give Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC to get a free quote today!