The Quick Hard Floor Care Tip Sheet

If you have a hard floor surface like tile, linoleum or hardwood installed in your home, you get to enjoy the beauty of gleaming floors without the allergy risks and high maintenance of carpeting. To get the most out of your floors, read these tips from Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC so that you know what kind of cleaning care is best for each type of flooring.


Tile Floor

With a little regular cleaning and the occasional spot treatment, your tile floors will keep their original elegance. Our general tips for tile floor care are simple. To keep your tile floors beautiful and low-maintenance, give them a light general cleaning once a week. Before cleaning, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust. Then, clean them with a lightly dampened mop. Only wash your tile floors with products specifically meant for tile: never use cleaners that contain wax, oil, acid or bleach.

If your tiles are unglazed, your maintenance routine will differ slightly. For unglazed tiles, you need to use a tile cleaner with a neutral pH. Always spot test the cleaner first. Use a sealer on grout and always rinse the tile with water after cleaning. Use clear cleaning agents only; otherwise, unglazed tile will stain.

Linoleum Floor

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that linoleum flooring can handle harsh chemicals, but this idea is far from the truth. Linoleum is highly sensitive to harsh cleaners and abrasive chemicals, so be careful about what you use to clean your floors. Plain water or water mixed with dish detergent will suit most cleaning tasks. If you do need something more heavy-duty, only use linoleum-specific cleaners, and never use ammonia-based products.

For weekly cleaning, first sweep and vacuum with soft bristled brooms and vacuum attachments. Then wash with a moist (but not soaking wet) mop. This routine will keep your floors bright. If your floors look dull, use a linoleum polish. First wash and let dry, then polish in small batches and wait an hour after polishing to use the floor again.

Linoleum is sensitive to spills and water damage. If you spill water on your linoleum floors, clean it up immediately. Use a soft material like microfiber cloth instead of abrasive sponges.

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is easily one of the most beautiful hard floor surfaces that you can have in your home. To keep it clean and shining, however, hardwood floor requires some extra care. It is important to avoid scratching your hardwood floor. Take precautions against scratches by putting mats down in high-traffic areas and covering furniture bases with pads. Don’t drag furniture when you have to move it, and try to avoid wearing hard shoes in the house, especially stilettos. And never damp mop your hardwood floors!

If your hardwood floors are finished with polyurethane, your care routine will be easy. Mop, sweep or vacuum once a week, using your vacuum’s bare floor attachments to avoid scratching. Apply a surface finish when the floor looks dull even after cleaning. If you have wax- or stain-finished hardwood floors, clean them regularly and buff them for shine. If buffing doesn’t help them to shine, re-wax them. Only re-wax your floors once or twice a year.

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