The Top Causes of Office Odors

What’s that smell? If you work in an office, you have probably had to deal with your fair share of odors floating around your space. A workplace that’s stinky can distract both customers and employees and gives a bad impression to clients and investors. If you’ve noticed a foul smell permeating your office, consider these three common culprits.

The fridge. When was the last time you cleaned out your office fridge? Commercial cleanings companies in PA know that if left unaddressed, smells from your refrigerator can quickly take over your office. Institute a policy that forbids employees from keeping perishable foods in the communal refrigerator for too long and make sure your cleaning contract includes the interior of the fridge.
The restroom. Even if your office’s bathroom is not directly connected to your workspace, foul odors from the bathroom can waft into the workspace if the door is frequently left open. Make sure your bathrooms are being cleaned on a daily basis and that the doors close automatically after use.
An employee’s body odor. By far, one of the most dreaded and awkward HR situations, you should take very special care in addressing an employee’s bad body odor. You should pull the employee aside privately at the end of a work day—do not bring the issue up around co-workers or managers. Address your concern as a personal observation and refer back to the personal hygiene and grooming section of your employee handbook. Do not refer to other employees’ complaints if there are any. If your employee tells you that his or her body odor is the result of a medical condition, you will have to make reasonable accommodations under the ADA. Offering the employee a more flexible schedule or the option to telecommute can help you accommodate him or her without embarrassment.

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