Three Simple Steps to a Digital Clean House

An overflowing inbox, a cluttered desktop, and a trash can that’s just begging to be emptied—does this sound like a description of what you see when you type in the password to your computer? Staying organized is about much more than just remembering to wipe down your desk or hiring the right cleaning company in Buckingham, PA. Your digital space also needs attention and maintenance to stay clean. Read on to learn three simple steps you can take today to enjoy a sparkling clean digital workspace!

Ditch unnecessary icons. Contrary to popular belief, deleting a desktop icon will not remove software that you’ve installed from your computer. Most programs automatically install an icon when you download them. This can quickly clutter up your desktop and make it impossible to find the programs that you use on a daily basis. Delete unnecessary icons or sort them into folders on your desktop.
Unsubscribe from spam emails. We’ve all done it—you’re out shopping when a sales associate tells you that you can save 10% on your purchase just by giving your email address at checkout. Thus begins a cycle of deleting dozens of spam and sale emails from your inbox every morning. Taking half an hour to unsubscribe to every email list that you’re not interested in can help you save time getting to your important emails in the morning!
Delete old files. Do you really still need that digital copy of Taylor Swift’s Red album or the paper you wrote for your college English class? Deleting old Word documents and files that you don’t need or read anymore will allow you to quickly locate the items that you need—along with saving space on your hard drive.

Take a look around your home or office space—have you been neglecting your cleaning routine? A clean workspace is a productive work space and Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is here to keep you on track! If you are in need of office or home cleaning services in Doylestown, PA, give our team a call at 267-202-4412 today!