Quick (guide), Company’s Coming!!


We have all been there.  Your sitting around either watching TV or playing on the computer, and then a phone call comes saying “We’re in the neighborhood, and are going to stop by”.  Wait.  What?!  You realize your home is no where near ready for company!  So the panic sets in!  Then you start running things through your head “I have to straighten up the bathroom, but I have dishes in the sink, oh and the living room needs to be vacuumed”.   Yep we are pretty sure everyone has experienced this some point. And with the holidays being here, it is definitely more likely to happen now then ever.   So we wanted to give everyone a quick guide to helping you get through that crazy stress.  And who knows maybe you will only need 1 glass of wine by the time they actually arrive instead of 3.

  1. All hands on deck!  Anyone who is home has to help out.  Consider having everyone meet in one area, like the kitchen, then delegate the chores as necessary.  Some areas to focus on are the main bathroom, the entry way, and the main living area.  Try to get rid of any clutter in those areas as well.  Don’t forget to make sure all your toiletries are stocked as well as clean hand towels in the bathroom.
  2. Always have either cinnamon rolls or slice and bake chocolate chip cookies in your refrigerator.  You can easily bake them in a minute’s notice.
  3. Get yourself dressed!   We usually get so caught up with prepping our home then we forget we are still in our pajamas and maybe haven’t even brushed our hair yet.  Have no fear,   jeans, a sweatshirt and a baseball hat will do just fine!
  4. Why not have some music playing to set the tone!  Dock you iPod or turn on your radio and set it to a low/medium volume.  Holiday music is always a great choice this time of year or try to go with something a little milder then your child’s choice of Gangnam Style.


We know its much easier to read this list and think to use it next time then to actually use it.  But we wanted to find a way to help or at least try too.   Just remember no one is perfect and neither is their home.   A messy home is a home that is filled with love and loved ones.  And sometimes its better to have a lived in home, then an empty home.