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A Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen and Countertop

How to Clean All Stovetops This Holiday Season

You’ve sent your holiday cards, completed your shopping, and even scheduled your house cleaning in Bucks County, PA. However, there’s something else you must add to your to-do list this holiday season: clean your gas or electric stovetop. If you plan to cook holiday meals for your family and visiting relatives, you’ll want to clean your stove so that it’s ready to work the night of your big party!

But with that said, do you know how to clean your stovetop? The process and cleaning tips differ depending on what kind of stove you have in your kitchen, so it may be confusing for newcomers or those who moved into a home with a new variety of stove. Here’s how to clean stovetops in preparation for the holiday season.

This goes without saying, but always make sure that your stove is off and is no longer hot before you wash them; getting burnt before the holidays isn’t fun! Having dish soap and other cleaning supplies on hand, as well as a cloth, like a microfiber cloth, will be needed to clean a gas stovetop and other kinds of stoves.

Cleaning Gas Stove Grates

To clean a gas stovetop, you need to have a look at each of its parts: the stovetop surface, burner caps and heads, and the grate. Cleaning a gas stovetop requires you to wash each one, so here’s a look at how to polish each of these components:

• Remove the grate, sweep away any crumbs or food underneath them that might be hard to clean. If the grease stains are tough to get out, wash them with baking soda and vinegar solution.
• Take off the burner caps from the heads and wash them in the sink with hot soapy water.
• Wipe the burner heads with a damp cloth and remove any food particles that fell in them.
• Cleaning the stovetop portion is the easy part, as you just need to take a clean cloth, dampen it with warm water, and wash the surface.

Cleaning Electric Stoves

To clean an electric stovetop, there are several different components you must familiarize yourself with that other kinds of stoves don’t have. While you may already know how to clean a stovetop, cleaning the electric stovetop’s drip pans and electric coil might be a new experience.

• Cleaning an electric stovetop’s coils is essential, as they are responsible for transmitting heat to cook your dinners. Wiping them down with a damp cloth can work, but if they are exceptionally dirty, then you may need to manually pull them out and wash them more thoroughly by hand with a cleaning mixture.
• Drip pans are the metal boxes that hold the coils. They are scrubbed down too, and if they’re also really filthy, you’ll have to remove them to clean an electric stovetop.

Cleaning Glass Stove Tops

Compared to other kinds of stoves, it’s easier to learn how to clean a stovetop with a glass top. All you need is to wipe a damp cloth over the flat surface after you’re done cooking, and if that isn’t enough to remove any blemishes, you can use some vinegar.

However, if you neglect to take care of your glass stovetop, then the mess that bubbles out of your frying pan can become more difficult to remove; something you won’t want guests to see while they’re over at your house. These tougher stains can be removed with a single-edged scraper covered with an approved cleaning solution. Though a scraper may not be as sharp as a razor blade, be mindful not to press it too hard, or you might scratch the surface of the glass and potentially even crack it.

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Cleaning Supplies

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company

Are you looking for the best restaurant cleaning services in Philadelphia? A business that will keep your living room spotless or workplace sanitary for employees? There are many options to pick from in the cleaning industry, but selecting a cleaning company can be difficult because of how many factors there are to consider. Before choosing a residential cleaning company for your home or a commercial cleaning company for your business, here are some details to keep in mind.

High-Quality Cleaning

When it comes to selecting a cleaning company, the most vital facet to consider is how capable they are at making homes look brand new. Their job is to make rooms clean and sanitary, and the more professional their supplies and extensive their methods, the better. Minch Cleaning provides a variety of cleaning services, from vacuuming upholstery to cleaning all possible types of flooring. Their deep cleaning process helps make all corners of a home or business as good as new by scrubbing every last tile surface, washing sliding glass doors, and more.

Honest Communication

Knowing what specific services a cleaning business offers is an important aspect of selecting a cleaning company. Having a clear understanding of what a residential cleaning company will do ensures their employees deliver on their promises, especially when it comes to signing a contract with them. At Minch Cleaning, we have an extensive list of our processes, so you know what you’re paying for. If there are any important details to consider, such as house pets or scheduling changes, open communication is encouraged and supported. If you desire green cleaning, then we can use organic cleaning products upon request.

Reliable Employees

By hiring a residential cleaning company, you’re entrusting a group of strangers with cleaning your home. To ensure one’s peace of mind, it’s important that each employee has undergone a thorough background check, so an owner is comfortable having them enter their private space unattended. The professional cleaners at Minch Cleaning are both certified and trained in safety procedures, so the rooms of our clients are left in the hands of secure and experienced employees. We train our cleaners to learn specific details, such as how to clean each and every surface. They’ll be prepared to tidy and scrub any home they come across.

Affordable Cost

Selecting a cleaning company might boil down to costs, as the company with the lowest price will be the best choice financially. Some residential cleaning companies might require their customers to provide their own equipment as well., on top of preexisting costs. Minch Cleaning offers services at an affordable price without sacrificing customer satisfaction. In addition to one-time cleanings, we offer weekly and monthly services (or biweekly if preferred), so there’s a time for every schedule. Whether you need your office space cleaned or bedrooms dusted, we’re able to provide prices based on what’s best for your budget. We also supply all our cleaning equipment, so there’s no need to pay for soap or mops; we’ve got that covered.

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