How to Clean a Keyboard

A staple in every home or commercial office, we use our keyboards almost as often as we use our cell phones. However, we do much more than simply work at our desks — we also cough, sneeze, and eat over our keyboards, which means that they must be cleaned like every other point of contact in the office. Professional commercial cleaning companies in PA know just how important it is to regularly clean your keyboard — and they also know that it can be difficult to figure out if you’ve done the job the right way. Use these tips to ensure that the next time you clean your keyboard, you’re getting all of the crumbs and germs out.

  • Shake out the keyboard. The first step to clearing your keyboard is to shake it out. This will clear out any crumbs and debris that have been left in your keyboard. Be sure to do this over a large trash can so you don’t create more work later on.
  • Clear out dust. After you’ve cleaned out the major debris from your keyboard, grab a can of compressed air to clear out any dust from between your keys. If you don’t have a can of compressed air on hand, grab a sticky note, fold it in half, and run the sticky side along the inside of your keys to grab any dust.
  • Clean between your keys. After removing dust, it’s time to sanitize your keyboard. Take a Q-tip and dip it in alcohol to swab between your keys. After you finish cleaning between the keys, spray the top of your keyboard with a disinfectant spray. Be sure to wipe down your keyboard before plugging it back in and heading back to work.

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