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How Often Should You Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

Life can get messy. Sometimes there is just too much to keep up with. Add your house constantly getting dirty and unorganized, and you could be overwhelmed. If you have kids or live alone, cleaning up constant messes is often difficult. An unclean living environment creates unnecessary mental stress and can affect you in ways you might never know were possible.

If that’s the case and your schedule is too busy, or it’s too much of a hassle to clean all the time, then hiring a professional cleaning company might be a good decision. There is no shame in asking for help. Knowing that your home is clean can be a great relief.

When considering a cleaning service, it is important to ask how often a cleaning person should come. Here are some ways to know you need to hire a professional and how often cleaning services might be required for your home.

Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Many factors can play into the decision of whether or not you should hire a professional cleaning service. It doesn’t have to be a hard choice, and to make it easier, here are a few questions you should ask yourself whose answers will play into your final decision:

  • Do you have kids or pets? As much as we love our kids and furry family members, they can create many messes that are hard to clean. In that case, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to help clean the home regularly so you can live in a clean environment without sacrificing any downtime you enjoy.
  • What is your lifestyle? Living your life is unique to you and your family, but it plays a big role in your cleaning needs. A busy schedule can affect the answer to how often should a cleaning person should come. If your family consists of older children or adults who are out of the house all day and are not home, then perhaps you may only need a cleaning service every once in a while.
  • How large is your home? How often should a cleaning person come to the home if it’s an apartment? Well, the size of your home is important to consider when hiring a professional cleaning service. However, no matter how big or small, messes are possible anywhere. The amount of cleaning time is just what may vary. Your apartment may not need weekly deep cleanings, but your five-bedroom home may. Think about what your home looks like and how many areas need cleaning. It can help a lot when deciding whether to hire a professional house cleaning service.

    How Often Should a Cleaning Person Come?

    How often a cleaning person comes to your home depends on many things. Still, the good thing about a professional cleaning service is that they usually all offer different cleaning services. Depending on your answers in the previous section, you can determine what kind of service you will need for your living space. Here are some of the options most companies offer:

  • Weekly cleaning service- This is a great option for big families and large homes. It would consist of cleaning the surfaces of your home’s main and most used areas, like the bathrooms, living spaces, and kitchens and floors.
  • Bi-weekly cleaning service- Keeping your home clean most of the time but getting a little extra help every once in a while is what bi-weekly cleaning is best for. It is budget-friendly and can be great for a large or small home. It is the most frequently chosen option for professional cleaning.
  • Monthly cleaning service- A good option to keep your home clean regularly at a good budget is a monthly cleaning service. These services are usually more of a deep clean and tackle more difficult areas like baseboards, windows, and floors. If you have a small or large home, this can be perfect.
  • Special occasion deep cleaning- Many cleaning companies also offer services that happen only every once in a while. Such as before or after an event. Having a clean house is ideal if you are hosting a party or any other gathering. Special occasions cleaning services are great for this. They allow you to handle all your personal cleaning needs, but when it comes time for the event, the professionals can give you a little extra help.

    Does Your Business Need Cleaning?

    How often should a cleaning person come to help clean your business? When customers or employees come to your building, you should remember that appearance is often everything. It’s the first impression that counts. If you are not only in need of a professional cleaning service for your home but also for your commercial building, the good thing is that many companies offer those services. Here at Mitch Professional Cleaning, we offer many options, including restaurant cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, that may interest you.

    Find the Right Professional To Help

    Keeping your house clean should not be difficult, and here at Mitch Professional cleaning, we are here to help with all your cleaning needs, whether residential or commercial. Don’t worry about cleaning up tough messes. Let us do it instead! We offer many kinds of cleaning assistance, including house cleaning services in Doylestown, PA. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your home in the best condition possible.

  • The hand of a man is wiping a wooden floor with an orange microfiber towel. A bottle of red cleaner is in the background. The glow of a nearby window illuminates the scene.

    How to Clean Wood Floors at Home

    Although homes have many different types of flooring, the cleaning method used remains mostly the same. But do you know how to clean a hardwood floor?

    Learning how to clean a hardwood floor is easy for almost anyone. As long as you own the right equipment and know what not to do, making your home’s flooring clean and shiny is a simple process.

    Finding the Right Gear

    The first step to knowing how to clean a hardwood floor is to find the right equipment for the job. When doing your weekly sweep, a soft-bristled broom will do the trick. You should look out for ones with rubber or nylon bristles, as they’re static-charged and can pick up particles.

    Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to clean a hardwood floor. However, you do need to know how to use them correctly. Otherwise, it may accidentally scratch your floors. Avoid using brush roll options for this very reason, and use the suction settings only.

    Next, you should have some mops, rags, and sponges to towel up any dust and wipe down floors with your chosen cleaning solution. It’s highly recommended that you use microfiber-based products over traditional materials, as they’re more absorbent, can clean small crevices easier, and are better at attracting particles.

    Picking a Cleaning Solution

    Dust mopping alone won’t be able to remove built-up grime off floors. Instead, using a liquid cleaner is necessary for the tasks. But that begs the question: which cleaning solution is best for washing floors?

    There are many commercial cleaning products on the market designed specifically for wood floors, which will leave your flooring bright and steak-free. However, you must be wary of certain solutions like ammonia or chlorine bleach, as they will ruin the floor’s finish and cause other damage. Further, you must know what kind of flooring you have, as different types can influence what cleaners you use. For example, you shouldn’t use pine oil and similar solutions for laminate floorings.

    If you don’t want to go to the store for your cleaning solution, it’s likely you already have the ingredients to create your own homemade one. A mixture of warm water and diluted vinegar is a popular cleaning solution, while some have found that the tannic acid in certain teas can also be used for shiny floors.

    Here’s How to Clean a Hardwood Floor

    The best way to clean a hardwood floor is removing the crumbs, dirt, pet hair, and other debris first. They can create scratches that will harm the condition of flooring. It’s a great idea to sweep or vacuum floors regularly. Additionally, dust mopping your wooden floors afterward will help take care of any dust bunnies.

    When washing your floor, it’s important to dampen the mop, rag, or sponge with water and solution instead of drenching it. If too much liquid is allowed to pool on the floor, then it can become damaged. To that end, you should wipe up wet floors quickly, so there isn’t any standing water. Turning on an AC unit or ceiling fan will help speed up this process.

    The water used for cleaning should also be taken into account. Hard water contains more minerals than soft water, which can dull floor finishes. As a result, knowing which kind of water your home uses is essential when learning how to clean a hardwood floor.

    Lastly, you don’t need to clean your hardwood floors using damp rags constantly. Deep cleans are only needed a few times each year and on a seasonal basis. Factors such as the amount of traffic your floor receives and any food spills can influence how often you should deep clean the floor.

    If you ever need cleaning in Doylestown, PA, reach out to Minch Professional Cleaning. We offer a wide range of services, including commercial kitchen cleaning in Philadelphia.