Your Complete Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist

Can you smell the turkey cooking? Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re probably already scrambling to get your home ready for guests.

At Minch, our cleaning company in Doylestown, PA knows exactly how stressful cleaning for the holidays can be. We’ve created a short checklist you can use to get your home ready with less stress. Cross off each item as you complete it — and enjoy a sparkling Thanksgiving!

* Pick up clothing and clutter off the floor in all rooms.
* Mop the floors in the kitchen.
* Dust and organize the family room and bedrooms.
* Clean the bathtub and toilet in all bathrooms.
* Wipe down your mirrors.
* Use a glass cleaner to remove spots and stains from your windows.
* Refill your bathroom soap dispensers.
* Reduce clutter in the bathroom by removing excess razors, skincare items or other accessories.
* Clear out the fridge and remove any food or beverages that are expired.
Wipe down your kitchen countertops and appliances — especially if you’ll be using them for cooking.
* Scrub down your sink and oven grates.
* Put new bedsheets on guests’ beds.
* Vacuum bedrooms and your family room.
* Finish cleaning any stray dishes and put them away.
* Hang new towels in your bathroom or place them in each guest’s room.
* Line trash cans and take out any remaining trash.
* Enjoy time with family members and friends!

Professional house cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA know that cleaning before the holidays can feel like an impossible task. Not every homeowner has the time to spend days scrubbing and dusting in anticipation of company. At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, we’re proud to handle even the toughest home cleaning tasks — so you can spend more time cooking, eating, and making memories. To schedule your holiday cleaning session, give us a call today.