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    • 6 Interesting Cleaning Uses for Vinegar

      If you’re like most people, you probably have a dusty old bottle of white vinegar sitting at the bottom of one of your kitchen cabinets or the back of your office fridge. Though most people know that vinegar is a common ingredient in the kitchen, many aren’t aware that it also has a wide range of cleaning uses as well. If you are dealing with any of these common residential or commercial cleaning woes, consider grabbing a bottle of vinegar for a green, affordable, and natural solution! Read more →

    • The Top Causes of Office Odors

      What’s that smell? If you work in an office, you have probably had to deal with your fair share of odors floating around your space. A workplace that’s stinky can distract both customers and employees and gives a bad impression to clients and investors. If you’ve noticed a foul smell permeating your office, consider these three common culprits. Read more →

    • 3 Secret Causes of Acne That May be Hiding in Your Home

      Acne isn’t just found during the awkward teenage years. According to one study published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, it was found that about 54 percent of adults over the age of 25 suffer from some form of acne. Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States and it’s not caused only by hormones and puberty. If you are an adult dealing with acne, make sure these three common culprits haven’t invaded your home! Your cell phone. When you use your cell phone, the oils in your skin stick to the screen of the Read more →

    • How to Clean a Hairbrush

      If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a ton of time thinking about your hairbrush. However, hair brushes can quickly accumulate dirt, oil, and pollen that gets caught in your hair, and you may end up re-introducing these nasty particles to your ‘do if you never clean your brush. Use these easy steps to clean your hairbrush. In fact, if you didn’t know, a properly cleaned brush will have an extended life, lasting upwards of three years! Gather your supplies. To clean your brush the right way, you’ll need a few supplies. You’ll need a comb (preferably one Read more →

    • 3 Ways Cleanliness Can Make Your Life Easier

      Everyone likes to come home to a house that’s tidy and organized but most of us have to put off daily cleaning rituals to attend to a schedule packed with work, school, or childcare. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC knows that the cleanliness of our home, desk, or even our bodies can seriously affect the way we live our lives. Read on to learn more about how being more organized and sanitary can help you improve your life. Read more →

    • 4 Cleaning Spots Renters Miss When Moving Out

      Most renters know that they’ll be responsible for any damage that they incur to the space during their time living there but many forget that most leases also come along with cleaning clauses. Renters may even risk their security deposits if they fail to clean the apartment to the terms of the lease’s specifications when they move out. Some of the most common spots that renters miss when they’re doing their exit cleaning include: Read more →

    • 5 Symptoms of the Flu Every Office Manager Should Recognize

      The temperature is dropping, kids are picking out their Halloween costumes, and sniffles and sneezes may soon be taking over your office. That’s right—flu season is right around the corner, and it may soon be making its way to your employees! Five of the most common flu symptoms include: Read more →

    • 4 Ways to Help a Toddler Learn How to Tidy Up

      If you have little feet running around your home, the chances are high that the house might not always be as clean as you’d prefer. House cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA know that toddlers can make big messes and that they aren’t the best at picking up after themselves when playtime is over. Luckily, toddlers love to do what mommy and daddy do—so using these four tips can help him or her learn about picking up after themselves. Read more →

    • 5 Cleaning Tasks Every College Student Should Master

      Now that the back-to-school season has officially arrived, you might be getting ready to send a college-aged student back to their university, or away for their freshman year! Before you pack up the ramen noodles and send your son or daughter back to the dorms for another semester of studying, make sure he or she understands how to handle these five common cleaning tasks. Read more →

    • 3 Common Causes of Fall Allergies

      Contrary to popular belief, allergies don’t end when the pollen and dust settle down after the spring season. Many allergy sufferers know that the sneezing, sniffling, and runny noses that come along with allergies can easily bleed into the fall and even the winter months. Commercial cleaning companies in PA know that the onset of fall allergies can cause Read more →