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    • How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company

      Are you looking for the best restaurant cleaning services in Philadelphia? A business that will keep your living room spotless or workplace sanitary for employees? There are many options to pick from in the cleaning industry, but selecting a cleaning company can be difficult because of how many factors there are to consider. Before choosing a residential cleaning company for your home or a commercial cleaning company for your business, here are some details to keep in mind. High-Quality Cleaning When it comes to selecting a cleaning company, the most vital facet to consider is how capable they are at Read more →

    • Five Tips To Keep Your Home Clean With a Busy Schedule

      No one wants to come home to a house that needs cleaning; however, we all know that it happens more often than we would like with our busy schedules. There is no reason you can’t have the clean home you deserve, even though you might not have the time on your hands to keep up with it. As one of the top professional and reliable cleaning companies in PA, Minch Cleaning knows a thing or two about keeping your home spotless even when you don’t have time to clean! Here are five house cleaning tips that can guarantee a clean Read more →

    • Should I Clean Before the Cleaning Company Comes?

      One of the most common dilemmas among modern homeowners is whether to clean before their cleaning service is scheduled to arrive. At first, it seems like a no-brainer — since you’re paying a service for house cleaning in Bucks County, why should you do it yourself? On the other hand, you may not want the cleaning service employees to see your home at its worse and think that you and your family are messy people. If it’s your first time using a cleaning service, you may be understandably confused about how to prepare for the service. Tidy Up and Clear Read more →

    • Summer Cleaning Checklist: 5 Things You Should Clean in the Summer

      Even though most people associate marathon cleaning sessions with spring, your home requires attention during all four seasons to look and function at its best — summer is no exception. Some cleaning chores are more suited to summer than to any other season. Here’s a shortlist of tips for house cleaning that Bucks County residents should do at the beginning of summer. Deep Clean Patios, Porches, Decks, and Balconies Early summer is the ideal time to ensure that patios, decks, balconies, and other outdoor living spaces are ready for warm-weather use. Start by thoroughly sweeping and mopping all surfaces. Be Read more →

    • Five Areas in Your Home to Clean Every Day

      Keeping on top of daily chores ensures that your home is a comfortable and pleasant place to be and that you won’t be engaging in marathon sessions of housecleaning at the end of the week or month. Although not everything needs to be cleaned every day, many things do. Following are five places in your home that should receive attention on a daily basis. Kitchen Counters and Sinks As the most widely used room of the home, kitchens need daily upkeep in order to provide a sterile environment for food preparation. Wiping down kitchen counters and sinks should be done Read more →

    • What Can Stain Quartz Countertops?

      Your beautiful quartz countertops are your pride and joy. You selected them because they’re durable and attractive — and you want to make sure they stay that way in-between visits from your regular cleaning company in Bucks County. Unlike some countertop materials, quartz doesn’t require sealing when used in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is not impervious to staining. A rundown of common stain offenders can help reduce the likelihood of unsightly stains. Wine It goes without saying that you need to wipe off any liquid spills on your quartz counters ASAP. This is certainly true of wine. But Read more →

    • Best Food Organization and Kitchen Storage Ideas

      When it comes down to keeping your foods in an organized manner, it can be difficult when you have an entire kitchen space to utilize, and you’re not quite sure how to do so most efficiently. Having a system in your kitchen which includes where certain types of foods go and how they are stored can help you and others in your home keep organized. On top of that, it makes it easier to know what you may be running out of, and you can more easily recognize what may be expiring soon. Not to mention, organization allows for the Read more →

    • How to Clean When You Don’t Have the Time

      If you’re like most who live a busy lifestyle, with the majority of your time devoted to your work and family, it can be a challenge to find the time to clean. More so, you may not always have the opportunity to clean sufficiently around your entire house or condo in Bucks County. Depending on how much square footage you have to cover, it can truly become a time-consuming chore or list of chores, for that matter. With that said, we’ve created a list of tips to help you clean your home efficiently when it feels like you just don’t Read more →

    • How to Clean Your TV Without Streaks

      Cleaning your TV is a regular part of your living room home chores — just like picking up toys that the kids have left around and vacuuming your carpet. Cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA, know firsthand just how annoying it can be to spend all day cleaning, plop down on the couch to enjoy some television, and find that your TV screen is full of streaks. Thankfully, by following a specific cleaning process, you can ensure that your TV comes out streak-free every time you clean. Use these tips to ensure a streak-free shine every time you clean. Use a Read more →

    • How to Clean a Microwave

      The microwave is one of the most commonly used appliances in any modern kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly forgotten about items when it comes time to clean and refresh your home. Open up your microwave and smell the interior of the appliance the next time you set out to clean your kitchen. If your microwave is starting to smell like food remnants or has splatters and stains all over the inside, use these steps to ensure that it’s sanitized properly. Step 1: Clean the inside. Before you can clean the interior of your microwave, you’ll want Read more →