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5 Quick Cleaning Tips for the New Year

You just found out your family wants to come over for a holiday catch-up. They’ll be over in just a few days — and if your home isn’t ready, you might be panicking already. While you can always call a local cleaning company in Bucks County, there are also a few quick things that you can handle on your own if you only have a little time before family arrives. Here are a few quick tips to be sure your home looks as clean as possible without a minute to spare.

Look at the whole house: If you only focus on one room, you are likely to spend the majority of your time there. Look at the whole area your guests will see and do one task in each of those places before moving on.

Sweep before you mop: Many people think they can mop the floor and it will be clean. However, the dirt on the floor makes most floors look worse. By sweeping first, your mopping is far more effective.

Dust every surface: This does not mean just shelves and the entertainment center. While those are both excellent places to begin, don’t forget your picture frames, ceiling fans, furniture (even sofas), and end tables.

Do not overlook glass surfaces: All of the glass in your home should sparkle. This means cleaning both the inside and the outside of your windows, wiping off all mirrors, and even getting light fixtures that are within reach. This simple tip can help any room look cleaner in no time.

Do the floors last: The last set of tasks you want to accomplish is to vacuum, sweep, and mop. That way, with the rest of your cleaning, any debris you moved that did not get caught in a rag, still gets cleaned up.

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5 Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas Wintertime Guests Are Sure to Notice

Before your end-of-year guests arrive, you will no doubt want to clean up your home. Even if you are only having guests over virtually or for a quick hello, having a clean space is important. Here are some quick tips to make sure you have the cleanest space possible.

Look high: Little things on your ceilings are likely to stand out to those who don’t see your home often. Check for stains, cobwebs, and dust on your curtains when you’re cleaning up.

Look low: Make sure you also clean the low areas in your home. This means dusting molding, making sure that your floors are sparkling, and vacuuming your carpeting well or polishing your cleaned hardwood.

Make sure to dust: Dust may be normal for you, but the first thing your guests will notice is dust all around. This can be an especially large problem for in-person meetings, as guests with allergies can quickly become uncomfortable in your home if you allow dust and pet dander to hang around.

Remember your windows: Windows not only let light in, but also make a home feel more welcoming. Both on camera and in person, they make seeing you easier, but are also easy to tell when they are dirty. Be sure to wipe down your windows with a glass-safe cleaner before you say “happy new year.”

Clean your fixtures: If you were to hire a cleaning company in Bucks County, you’d notice they take the time to clean each fixture. This includes lights and fans. Many people overlook these items prior to having guests and can make your home look dirtier than it actually is.

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