Woman using broom as microphone while cleaning her living room.

Five Areas in Your Home to Clean Every Day

Keeping on top of daily chores ensures that your home is a comfortable and pleasant place to be and that you won’t be engaging in marathon sessions of housecleaning at the end of the week or month. Although not everything needs to be cleaned every day, many things do. Following are five places in your home that should receive attention on a daily basis.

Kitchen Counters and Sinks

As the most widely used room of the home, kitchens need daily upkeep in order to provide a sterile environment for food preparation. Wiping down kitchen counters and sinks should be done at least once per day. If you prepare multiple meals in your kitchen, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, clean these areas after the meal is over.

Bathroom Counters and Sinks

Bathroom counters and sinks also require daily attention. Although it’s not necessary to do a deep clean of the bathroom every day, wiping down the sink and surrounding surfaces prevents the buildup of grime and soap scum. Keep a supply of antibacterial wipes designed for quick household cleanups under the sink or in a cabinet.

Kitchen Floors

Although it’s not necessary for most households to thoroughly mop the kitchen floor every day, chances are it gets at least some accumulation of dust and crumbs over the course of an average day. Going over the floor with a good broom after another evening cleanup is finished lets you start the next morning in a completely clean kitchen environment.

Shower Walls

Shower walls can be cleaned quickly and easily using a spray-on cleaner and a squeegee. For maximum efficiency, do this after your shower — it’ll only take a minute and will keep your shower sparkling at all times, and you won’t be battling soap scum buildup and mold.


It’s not necessary to clean every doorknob in the home unless you’ve got a large household, but wiping down the ones that are situated in high traffic areas will help prevent the buildup of grime and keep them shiny. Doorknobs are also notorious for being one of the most common surfaces for the transmission of germs, but using a disinfecting cleaner will help keep contaminants at bay.
Another strategy for keeping your house in order is to hire a cleaning company in Bucks County to clean your home on a regular basis and minimize your daily chores.