How to Keep Dust to a Minimum

Dust is a problem that everyone faces when it comes to cleaning their homes. It’s something that every good cleaning company in Bucks County pays attention to because dust buildup can’t be avoided. It comes from a combination of dead skin cells, old cloth fibers, and other debris that either form within your home or is carried in from outside it.

However, dust can still cause a significant problem for people with allergies. So, what can you do about the dust?

Although it’s impossible to eliminate dust, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce its presence in your house. Short of sealing everything in its own plastic bubble, here are some steps to reduce the dust levels in your home:

Use a Doormat

It probably isn’t surprising that dust can come from the outside, but it’s important to have a rough-fiber doormat outside your front door for people to use, even if their shoes aren’t muddy. The reason for this is that any debris on the shoes can quickly become an ingredient in your home’s dust mixture.

Institute a “No Shoes” Policy

Similar to providing a doormat for you or your guests to use, it’s probably better to institute a “no shoe” policy in your home altogether. The reason such a system is effective is that it helps eliminate any debris your doormat couldn’t get to will end up mixed with your home’s air.

The key to a successful “no shoes” policy is to provide a shoe rack for the shoes and a few pairs of slippers that you or guests can use when they enter. This keeps all the potential dust in one area for easy cleaning.

Vacuum Everything

Vacuuming is a useful tool against dust, but many people often mistake swiping a vacuum over a surface for effectively vacuum cleaning the surface.

The most effective use of a vacuum is to run it slowly and smoothly over the surface you’re vacuuming to allow the suction time to pick up the dust particles.

In addition to getting the tempo right, it’s essential to ensure that you’re using the right vacuum attachment for the vacuuming surface. For example, the tool you use for furniture might be different from the tool you use for your bed or drapes. Using one tool interchangeably may feel like the most efficient use of your time, but the reality is that it’s more likely to lead to you kicking up dust rather than eliminating it.

Dust may be unavoidable, but it can still be managed. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, one of the leading house cleaning companies serving Doylestown, PA, and the surrounding area, has the expertise and experience to help you breathe easier in your home. Give us a call today!