How do You “Spring Clean?”

“Spring cleaning” is a common term that is thrown around as the seasons change and you begin to dream about the first day of spring. It comes from a long tradition of deep cleaning following the long winter months, when your home has an opportunity to collect dust in the least likely of places.

Spring cleaning may feel like an overwhelming challenge to the modern homeowner. Luckily, as a well-established house cleaning company in Doylestown, PA, the Minch Professional Cleaning Services team has some tips to help make sure that your seasonal deep cleaning leaves your home feeling as fresh as a spring breeze.


It’s not uncommon for people to accumulate things they don’t use anymore. You may have had a special occasion to wear that outfit, but you haven’t worn it in months, or maybe you’re holding on to scented candles that people have gifted you over the years, but you haven’t really had a chance to use them.

Whatever the case, spring is often the best time to donate, sell, or otherwise give away possessions that you no longer use and are sources of anxiety more than fond memories.

Some areas that are ripe for downsizing around this time are:

* Closets
* Garages
* Basements
* Bookshelves
* Filing cabinets
* The pantry

Once you downsize, you’ll likely be able to see where to focus your efforts for the next phase of your spring cleaning: getting rid of the dust.


Dust collects over the winter for a variety of reasons — there are more people inside, fewer openings to the outside, and dryer conditions can lead to chapped skin — and that means it’s a crucial part of any spring cleaning effort. Wiping away the dust on fans, trapped in cobwebs, or collected on floors should be the first step to getting your home ready for spring.

While these obvious areas should be dusted, spring cleaning should be a time when the less-obvious areas are dusted too. Taking the time to dust crown moldings, baseboards, light fixtures, and windows, for example, will go a long way toward creating a space you feel comfortable living in throughout the spring and summer.


Once you’ve dusted your home, top to bottom, it’s time to sanitize every surface. Sanitizing your home includes the standard things – like floors, countertops, and cabinets – but also windows, doorknobs, and linens. Springtime should be one of those times of the year when you clean curtains, comforters, and pillows; even your mattress should get its turn with a vacuum cleaner to help you start spring off fresh!

To get more tips on how to plan your spring cleaning routine, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Bucks County cleaning company, give Minch Professional Cleaning Services a call today.