Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen as Clean as Possible

Whether you’re running a quality restaurant or you simply wish to keep your kitchen at home up to a certain quality, keeping any kitchen sanitized is practically a full-time job. Regularly used kitchens accumulate filth fairly quickly if not cleaned consistently. In fact, many studies point to kitchens often being consistently more contaminated with harmful bacteria than bathrooms. If that thought makes your stomach churn, then consider these steps and tips to keeping your kitchen up to a higher standard.

Fully sanitize detachable parts and equipment – It’s tempting to cut corners and just give kitchen equipment and refrigerator shelves a quick wipe down with soap or sanitizer, but that alone won’t get the job done. Items need to either be sprayed down with a high-pressure hose or soaked in hot soapy water in order to remove any residue, and it’s necessary to use a hard bristle brush to reach into crevices. If you’re cleaning equipment in a commercial setting, then you should go the extra mile and run your pieces through a high-temperature dishwasher to truly sanitize them. It’s also essential to clean all surfaces of your kitchen, even those high up forgettable shelves, with food-safe disinfectant.

Pay extra attention to your stove – Stovetops accumulate grease quite rapidly and require constant maintenance. The first step you can take is being proactive and preventative while you cook. Whenever any food gets on your stove, make sure to wipe it up immediately so it won’t burn to the surface and become far more difficult to remove afterwards. You should also remove your burner covers, dial knobs, and drip trays and soak them in hot soapy water. Finally, at least once a month you should pull your stove away from the wall and clean behind it with a degreasing agent. If you’re running a commercial kitchen area, then the grease accumulation behind and beneath your stovetop can be the stuff of nightmares, and the amount of regularity it needs to be addressed can be daunting. If you want to keep your kitchen consistently up to a clean standard, then it may be worth looking into commercial cleaning companies in PA.

Clean your sink daily – The kitchen sink is possibly one of the most bacteria-ridden areas of any home or restaurant, which can be uncomfortable to think about when you consider that your dishes and silverware constantly come into contact with it. You should be wiping down the inside of your sink with disinfectant daily. Additionally, if you have a dishwasher, you should use a descaling product to clean out the inside to prevent lime buildup at least once a month.

Whether you’re a novice home cook or a foodservice veteran, it’s easy to overlook details in cleaning your own kitchen, especially when you don’t have the free time to give it your full attention. House cleaning services in Doylestown, PA, can save you the stress of trying to keep your kitchen from falling into subpar sanitary standards and help you rest easy knowing that your food won’t be contaminated from neglect.

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