America’s Most Hated Home Cleaning Tasks

Everyone knows that cleaning up weekly helps keep your home sparkling clean. However, everyone has a chore or two that they absolutely loathe. What is your least favorite chore? If you’re like most Americans, you dislike these five hated household chores.

  • Scrubbing the bathtub.Soaking in the tub is no fun when your bathtub is dirty. But with so much scrubbing and working with smelly chemicals, there’s little question why most homeowners would prefer to leave this chore to their house cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA.
  • Cleaning the toilet.Another commonly hated bathroom task, no one likes scrubbing waste from their toilet. Unfortunately, the toilet is one of the germiest areas in the home — so this chore has to be done, no matter what.
  • Doing the dishes.With more time spent indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might feel like you have a never-ending stream of dishes that need to be done. With constant cleaning, drying, and restacking, doing the dishes is a chore that’s both time-consuming and annoying.
  • Laundry.Laundry is another chore that isn’t difficult but is tedious. In order to clean your laundry the right way, you need to sort your clothes, wash them in batches by color, and decide which clothes can be dried in the dryer and which ones need to be hung on a drying rack. With so many steps and hours spent cleaning, it’s easy to see why most people loathe laundry day.
  • Grocery shopping.If you’re like most people, you probably do your grocery shopping on the weekends — like everyone else. This means that you’ll be competing with every other shopper for space, the most in-demand items, and time. Grocery shopping is a major weekend time suck…and if you happen to forget a few crucial ingredients, you might need to do it all over again the next day.

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