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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Company to Clean Your Office

Have you been considering hiring a janitorial company to take over your office cleaning? Wondering what the benefits of going pro are versus continuing your current regime? Here’s just five of the many reasons why hiring a janitorial company to clean your office is an excellent idea and investment.

Expertise. Rhonda from accounting may know how to wipe down a countertop, but can she make sure it’s fully sanitized to prevent the spread of germs? Your employees likely aren’t fans of cleaning their office themselves anyway, but on top of meeting with resistance, they won’t do the most effective job possible because they simply aren’t the experts! A professional cleaning service will do more than clean – they will be sure to get the job done right.

Peace of Mind. When you hire a janitorial company to do the heavy lifting, you’ll be able to set it and forget it – with Minch Professional Cleaning Services’ janitorial cleaning services in Philadelphia and nearby, you can set up a regularly-scheduled cleaning with us according to your schedule and never worry about coming into a dirty office. Cleanliness also puts your employees in a better mood, and allows them to focus on their work rather than stew over who may have left the employee break room a mess the night before.

Sanitation. Winter is upon us, and you know what that means – cold and flu season. It only takes one sick employee to set off a domino effect, and while other measures- using hand sanitizer, taking sick days at the height of contagiousness, encouraging employees to wash their hands- can be effective in preventing the spread of disease, keeping a clean office is just as important.  We’ll sanitize your space, including the little details (doorknobs, faucet fixtures), helping prevent hand-to-hand germ trading and keeping your employees well.

Convenience. If requested and supplied with the items, cleaning companies will re-stock important products such as paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc. This prevents aggravation on the part of employees, who may resent having to do it themselves (especially when it’s because they’ve just discovered that something has run out). This can also take up valuable time that would be better spent doing something related to work.

Cost-Effectiveness. Cleaning takes time, and if you sit down and do the math, the amount it costs you in lost productivity and hourly salary when completed by your employees most certainly does not align with what it would cost to simply hire a cleaning company. On top of saving money, cleaning companies are more time-efficient and effective themselves, meaning less time equals less money and greater results.

5 Ways to Teach Children to Clean

Oftentimes, parents underestimate the degree to which children can be helpful in cleaning up around the house – or at least in avoiding the accumulation of messes. While it may seem difficult, if not impossible, to get your kids to do a bare minimum of the necessary weekly cleaning, there are some approaches that parenting coaches and family therapists recommend trying in order to teach children responsibility while helping to keep your sanity – and free time! Just think about it – make use of those little hands for 15 minutes a day and you could save valuable time, in the long run.

Clearly outline the new rules. Don’t we know it – kids love to push the boundaries! If your children are always looking for loopholes in the rules, they may make great lawyers one day…but for now, it can be frustrating to try to establish new rules. If your children are old enough (think 9-12), try printing a written “contract” with rules such as “I will put any devices/clothing away before I get another one out” or “I will rinse my dishes each night” – whatever the points of contention. Then have your children sign it – this “grown-up” act can help establish the importance fulfilling the promises they made to you to clean up after themselves.

Don’t cave to cleaning up messes. This may drive you crazy for a little while, but rather than just picking up a young child’s toys, kindly remind your son or daughter if they forget to do so themselves. Cleaning up messes after requesting a child do so on their own will set a bad precedent; rather, hear out their complaints and acknowledge that you understand that he or she would prefer not to clean. When children feel heard, they may be less likely to resist completing a task.

Make cleaning fun. Sounds impossible, right? It’s as easy as turning on music! If you and your child share a love of a certain type of music, or if you know what type your child likes, put it on and challenge your child to complete a task before a song is over.

Divvy up smaller parts of a larger chore. If you have more than one child, try assigning them to work in teams to complete a task, allowing each to focus on completing their part of the chore to the best of their ability, rather than attempting what may seem to be an overwhelming task. If your children prefer one aspect of the task to another, allow them to switch every few minutes so as to prevent arguing or bad blood.

Start them early. If children see themselves as part of the ebb and flow of a household from an early age, they will not be surprised when they are asked to contribute increasingly to household tasks as they grow older. Even just including toddlers in your routine (without expecting much, of course) can help them learn to see cleaning as simply a part of a daily routine, and not necessarily an activity to be avoided.

As one of the premier providers of residential and commercial janitorial service in Philadelphia, PA, we know cleaning – and as parents ourselves, we’re familiar with the struggles of getting a little help around the house! Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you to lessen stress and improve your overall peace of mind.