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How to Clean Your TV Without Streaks

Cleaning your TV is a regular part of your living room home chores — just like picking up toys that the kids have left around and vacuuming your carpet. Cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA, know firsthand just how annoying it can be to spend all day cleaning, plop down on the couch to enjoy some television, and find that your TV screen is full of streaks. Thankfully, by following a specific cleaning process, you can ensure that your TV comes out streak-free every time you clean. Use these tips to ensure a streak-free shine every time you clean.

  • Use a microfiber cloth. When cleaning your TV, always be sure to use a microfiber cloth. This will minimize streaks and help gently remove dust.
  • Turn your TV off before you clean. Steaks of dirt and dust are easier to see when the television is off, so it’s better to make sure that your TV is off before and after you clean.
  • Wipe the cloth in opposite directions. After applying your cleaning solution to your television screen, first wipe in one direction (vertically or horizontally). Then, make your second wipe in the opposite direction as you just went. Keep repeating this pattern until you’ve covered the entire surface of your television screen — this method of removing dust and dirt ensures that your entire TV is cleaned without leaving streaks.

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How to Clean a Microwave

The microwave is one of the most commonly used appliances in any modern kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly forgotten about items when it comes time to clean and refresh your home. Open up your microwave and smell the interior of the appliance the next time you set out to clean your kitchen. If your microwave is starting to smell like food remnants or has splatters and stains all over the inside, use these steps to ensure that it’s sanitized properly.

  • Step 1: Clean the inside. Before you can clean the interior of your microwave, you’ll want to loosen grease and food residue that has built up on the walls. Combine one cup of water with a few lemon or lime slices and a few tablespoons of vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the mixture for five minutes, then let the bowl sit for an additional five minutes to cool down. Remove the bowl and wipe down the interior of your microwave — you’ll have a much easier time removing stubborn stains.
  • Step 2: Clean the doors. To clean the exterior microwave door, grab a sponge and dip it in baking soda before you begin to scrub. This will help clean grease from the exterior of the microwave as well as the interior of the window.
  • Step 3: Clean the turntable. If you have stains leftover on the turntable that you couldn’t get out while the turntable was in the microwave, put it in the dishwasher. If you have a very tough stain that doesn’t seem to budge, you can use a Magic Eraser on it.

Everyone wants to come home to a gorgeous, clean home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to give their home the thorough cleaning it needs to stay sanitary. If you’re struggling to keep your home looking great, contact us today to learn more about how our comprehensive cleaning plans help you enjoy a great looking home without the stress!