3 Things to Do With Those Clothes That Don’t “Spark Joy”

Netflix sensation and cleaning expert Marie Kondo has made headlines around the globe with her unique home organization system called the “KonMarie method.” Using the KonMarie method, homeowners are encouraged to only keep clothing that “sparks joy,” and to toss the rest.

If you’ve been binge-watching Kondo’s series The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and you aren’t sure what to do with those clothes that no longer “spark joy,” don’t toss them out! Our cleaning company in Bucks County has researched three fun and environmentally friendly ways to breathe new life into your old clothing.

Donate them. Most people already know that they can donate their old clothing to thrift stores and charities that sell the clothing and use the money to help their community. However, many retailers now offer rewards for customers who recycle their old duds in-store. For example, you can score a 20% off voucher if you donate old clothing through Levi’s and recycling old jeans at Madewell will net you $20 off a new pair!

Sell them online. Online thrifting is the latest trend that fashionistas are obsessing over. Sites like Poshmark, Thread Up, and The Real Real (for designer clothing) make selling your old clothing online more convenient than ever before. Your clothes will get a happy new home — and your wallet will get a boost as well.

Upcycle them. Can’t bear to part with that cheerleading sweatshirt that hasn’t fit since Miami Vice was still airing new episodes? “Upcycling” allows you to reinvent old T-shirts and hoodies without allowing them to take up space in your closet. Check out an easy tutorial on how to turn your old clothing into decorative pillows by clicking here!

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