3 Tips for Cleaning Blinds to Perfection

Cleaning blinds is one of those household chores that many people just don’t remember to complete. Yet if those blinds go without a cleaning for too long, they can get covered in dust, pet dander, and dirt. At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, we provide superior cleaning services for homeowners that want a house free of dust and germs.

The good news about cleaning blinds is that it’s not too difficult. You just need to figure out what materials they’re made from. Once you know whether they’re made from wood or plastic, you can use the Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC tips for cleaning blinds of both varieties.

1. Use a microfiber mini blind duster

One of the best methods for cleaning either wood or plastic blinds is to first open the blinds and run a microfiber mini blind duster along them from top to bottom. Be sure to work from the top down so that falling dust is removed as you continue along. Once you’ve made it all the way to the bottom, simply use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the dust that made its way to the floor.

2. Try a microfiber cloth

Another way that you can clean blinds that are made of either wood or plastic is with a microfiber cloth. Close your blinds so that the concave side faces you, then wipe off the dust with your cloth, working, again, from top to bottom. Turn the wand, or rod, until the blinds are closed, and the convex side is facing you. Then dust this side in the same manner that you dusted the other. Again, vacuum any dust that has fallen to the floor.

3. Wash them.

You can’t use water on wooden blinds, but on plastic blinds, it works wonders. Simply follow one of the first two steps above to get the majority of the dust off your blinds. Then, carefully remove your blinds from the window and fill your bathtub with warm water. Soak the blinds in warm water for about an hour. You can add a little bit of vinegar to the water, but it’s not necessary. Remove them from the tub, give them another good wipe, then hang them outside to air dry before hanging them back up.

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