4 Ways to Help a Toddler Learn How to Tidy Up

If you have little feet running around your home, the chances are high that the house might not always be as clean as you’d prefer. House cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA know that toddlers can make big messes and that they aren’t the best at picking up after themselves when playtime is over. Luckily, toddlers love to do what mommy and daddy do—so using these four tips can help him or her learn about picking up after themselves.

  • Explain why cleaning is important. To a child, cleaning up doesn’t make a lot of sense—after all, why would you want to put your toys away when you’re going to play with them again tomorrow? “Because I said so” is an explanation that rarely sticks in a toddler’s brain, so make sure you explain why you’re cleaning before you start. “We’re going to put the toys in the box, so we know where to find them later” is a simple explanation that toddlers can grasp and remember for next time.
  • Give kids a 5-minute warning. No one likes to be suddenly ripped away from a task they’re absorbed in. Giving your little one a 5-minute heads-up before its time to clean can help limit tantrums.
  • Lead by example. Kids love to copy their parents. Demonstrate how to put away toys, dust, or wipe up a spill, and then let your child give it a shot themselves. Next time you can let your child try cleaning themselves—but make sure that you’re on-hand to lead the way.
  • Keep it simple. Toddlers have limited motor control and may become frustrated if asked to handle a task that’s too complicated for them. Ask your child only for help with simple and easy-to-complete chores, like making their bed with help and putting toys in a toy box. As they get older, you can gradually increase the difficulty of cleaning tasks.
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